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Getting away from it all comes easy in Fjord Norway. Take all the time you need. Slow down, spread out and decompress. Verdant and vast, Fjord Norway sprawls across some 60,000 square kilometers of stunning scenery. At times, you may have large stretches of it to yourself — when you do, relish the sound of silence.

In sync with nature

There are several national parks, nature reserves and landscape protection areas on the Sognefjord. Our cultural and natural heritage are not only an irreplaceable source of knowledge, but a great source of inspiration for everyone who visits the area. Want a fjord to yourself? Slip into a kayak on the Sognefjord for a guided, silent glide, across pristine waters. With luck, playful porpoises may escort you on your eco-friendly excursion. Soak in the spectacular fjord landscape of steep mountainsides, cascading waterfalls and even glaciers. Discover our magnificent untouched Fjord Coast — dotted with thousands of islands, islets and skerries, calm bays and white, sandy beaches — as you reinvigorate your body and recharge your soul.

Looking for something more grounded? Few things beat a horseback ride through breathtaking Fjord Norway countryside. Experienced riders have the untouched wilderness to themselves, but organized riding lessons and guided trail rides are available, too. Combine your ride with a farm visit to connect with local culture, customs and cuisine. For even more authenticity, try riding a Fjord Horse — one of the world’s purest, rarest and most good-natured breeds — through its stunning native Nordfjord habitat. 

Community without the crowds

Craving more community — without the crowds? Board a boat in Haugesund bound for Utsira or Røvær. These North Sea islands, sparsely populated and car-free, are perfect for peace and quiet — but offer much to do, too. Hike or bike coastal trails to discover lighthouses, unspoiled nature and street art from well-known artists. Go birding or book a fishing trip. Visit Røvær Aquaculture Centre to learn more about Norway as a seafood-loving nation. Tuck into komle (potato dumplings) at an eatery, or barbecue your own beachfront fare.

Lean in, or lean back

Eco-tourism is on trend: Pitch in and help keeping the nature clean with eco-adventure tours outside Ålesund with Norway Adventures. Tidy hiking trails and beaches on educational excursions before enjoying coffee, lunch — and a sense of satisfaction — over a bonfire. Press even farther on, to Tustna Ladestasjon, for the ultimate disconnect from your cares. This digital-free island idyll offers offline experiences tailored to the time you have on hand. Curl up with a cup of coffee and plate of lefse flatbread before heading off again, or opt to spend the night — or several — in a hammock under open skies. By day, try your hand at traditional crafts, get lost on a mountain bike or treat yourself to doing nothing at all.

In fact, Fjord Norway’s great outdoors make for all kinds of great overnight stays. Kayak the quiet, serene Hjørundfjord with Norway Adventures — making sure to leave no trace of your trek — before calling it a night at Union Hotel Øye,  or in a guesthouse in a roadless village like Trandal. Deep in the Norwegian woods, Juvet Landscape Hotel’s glass-walled accommodations immerse you in nature and give you the feeling of sleeping in open air - but with all the comforts of a design property.

Go off the grid — and back in time — with a stay at Haukali 33/3. Chop firewood, boil bathwater and fish for your dinner, á la 1850. It’s a slice of life in the Fjord Norway of old.

Recharge. Rejuvenate. Refresh. Rethink. Get away from it all — but find yourself. In Fjord Norway.

Fjord secrets

The secret’s out, Fjord Norway is more than you expected. Yes, we’re home to mind-blowing fjord landscapes. But we’re so much more! You are welcome to explore farther and further. Delve deeper across Fjord Norway to unearth countless hidden gems — attractions and experiences that amaze and delight in sight and sound, taste and touch.

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