On the island of Tustna, just when the narrow road has taken you on so many winding turns that you think you must be lost, a beautiful beach will suddenly appear ahead. Here, you will find the Tustna Charging Station. If you have come here looking for a little extra juice for your electric car, you will have to drive on - this charging station is for your body and soul.

Tustna Ladestasjon offers digital-free surroundings with experiences that awaken and soothe the senses. Choose between several levels of "charging":

QUICK CHARGING  A cup of coffee and "lefse", or a tasty meal. Perhaps a cultural experience or activity … or just enjoy the surroundings.

NORMAL CHARGING  Allow us to greet you with a delicious refreshment. Perhaps a good meal, a good bed, or a hammock. Inhale the sea air and wake up to hot coffee and a breakfast basket.... and maybe join an activity.

FULL CHARGE Enjoy a few days in a digital-free environment. Be pampered with great meals and experiences. Visit the forest, the mountains, the fjord, and the village.… or just be!

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  • Halsnesvegen 672
  • 6590 Tustna
922 89 016

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