The fjords are always an experience worth your visit. The fjords are jaw-dropping in spring, summer, autumn and winter alike. Spring is, however, the time when nature makes the most of itself to be noticed, giving you that colour-popping, blue fjord along with waterfalls and dramatic contrasts to the steep, grey mountainsides. Several adventures in the fjords are in addition more accessible in spring, and you beat the crowds by a long shot.

The long and winding road

27 hairpin bends and a fjord view!

Lysebotn og Lysevegen|© NLE Film/ Grim Berge

Roads in Norway is a chapter in itself, often dramatic and on rare occasions somewhat dangerous, but most of the time just mesmerising. Fascinating hairpin turns that force you to slow down the pace and just be in the moment. The popular tourist road Lysevegen in Ryfylke has 27 hairpin bends, and goes from Lysebotn, innermost in the Lysefjord, to Sirdal. Every spring when the road opens after winter, the snow plowed road is a spectacular sight.