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Day trips in Åndalsnes

A day for the family

In Åndalsnes, the whole family gets to experience activities in nature!


Slightly active

4 hours


The Fairy Forest - "Eventurskogen"

The Legend of the Troll Wall is both a book and a movie that tells the story of how the rock wall once came to be! Meet the figures from the book in Eventurskogen (the Fairy Forest), at the foot of Nebba mountain.

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Try climbing

At Norsk Tindesenter, everyone is welcome to try their hand at climbing. All you need is a pair of climbing shoes! The centre has large areas for bouldering, which means climbing without a rope. If you want to try using a rope and climbing harness, you must use an automatic belay or be secured by someone with an approved belay card.

© Norsk Tindesenter

Climb outdoors in the Via Ferrata

The climbing centre Tindesenteret is also the starting point for the Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata. Here, you can order tickets, equipment and even your own guide to try your hand at the wall! Children from the age of 12 may climb the “Intro” route if accompanied by an adult.

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Mini golf at Mjelva camping

Sore feet and a tired body may need some days of rest. At Mjelva camping next to the centre of Åndalsnes, you will find a nine-hole mini golf course, as well as a playground.