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© Sødahlhuset
Day trips in Åndalsnes

Local products at Sødahlhuset and Rauma Wool Factory

When travelling, it may be a good idea to search for special places – places that stand out are often easier to remember and give memorable stories afterwards. Sødahlhuset and the yarn factory Rauma Ullvarefabrikk are places where the location is the very core of the activity.



2 hours



If you fancy a truly unique place, go to Sødahlhuset. It is unique because the idea behind the place is to offer mainly locally produced products. The menu consists of local ingredients and the shop offers products from the area around Rauma. In addition, the rest of the assortment has been carefully selected with the environment and sustainability in mind. This is where you can satisfy big and small appetites, shop for a gift or a souvenir, or get an experience at one of the house's many events.

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© Eline Karlsdatter Fladseth

Rauma Wool Factory

The Rauma Ullvarefabrikk has been producing quality yarn since 1927 and is one of the few factories still producing Norwegian wool yarn in Norway. Norwegian wool is characterized as particularly light and airy, providing durable and warm garments. At the factory located at Veblungsnes, you can buy woollen goods, yarn, and recipes.

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© Hilde Kvivik Kavli