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© Kjetil Rolseth / Nasjonale turistveger
Day trips in Kristiansund

The world’s most beautiful road – the Atlantic Road

If you are in Kristiansund, the Atlantic Road is a mere 35 minutes’ drive away. Drive past Averøy and follow the walkway on Eldhusøya. On your return trip to Kristiansund, you can go past the inner part of Averøy and look at the stave church Kvernes.



4 hours


The Atlantic Road

This stretch of road is called the world's most beautiful road trip. The road meanders like a sea serpent over islets and reefs, with the vast ocean as your nearest companion. This road is featured in several international film and TV productions, including James Bond and Succession.

© Eline Karlsdatter Fladseth

The walking path Svevestien on Eldhusøya

Stop on Eldhusøya island and walk the 700-metre-long walkway Svevestien, following the seashore. The walkway is made of latticework floating above the terrain, secured on poles. Here, you will be awarded fantastic views on a trip suitable for everyone. Eldhusøya is also a popular stop for photographing the iconic Storseisund Bridge.

© Roger Ellingsen/Statens Vegvesen

Bjartmars Favorittkro

Next to the Atlantic Road, you will find the welcoming restaurant Bjartmars Favorittkro. Here, you will be served local food such as clipfish and the area's speciality, bacalao. You can dine indoors and outdoors while looking out to the sea, the islets, and the connecting road.

Opens at 12:00
Closed for the season
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© Bjartmars Favorittkro

Kvernes stave church

Discover some history on your journey and stop at Kvernes stave church. This is Norway's only stave church built after the Middle Ages. The church is beautifully situated with a view over the fjord.

Opens at 11:00
Closed for the season
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© Sonja Brzostowicz