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Places like Bergen, Haugesund, Molde, Kristiansund, Ålesund and Stavanger all offer exciting walking opportunities.


The World Heritage City Bergen is situated close to the sea and between seven mountains. The mountains around Bergen offer great walking areas and unique nature experiences close to the city.

  • The Fløibanen Funicular is one of Norway’s most popular attractions. You will find the funicular less than 150 metres from the Hanseatic wharf, Bryggen. The top of mount Fløyen offers spectacular views of the city, the sea and the surrounding islands, as well as a number of great walks.
  • Ulriksbanen is the cable car that takes you to the highest mountain in Bergen, Mount Ulriken at 643 metres. From the summit you can enjoy great views of the city and the surrounding area, and it is also an excellent point of departure for a number of walks.
  • Across the Vidden plateau ("Over Vidden") is one of the most popular hikes in Bergen. You can hike from Ulriken to Fløyen, or the other way round. The whole hike takes about five hours, in relatively easy terrain (hiking boots required!) and along the way you can enjoy fantastic views of the surrounding area.
On the hike "Over Vidden" in Bergen.|© Visit Bergen / Robin Strand -


Haugesund is a charming coastal town with a town centre that is situated along a canal between the mainland and the surrounding islands. It was here that Norway was united into one kingdom. Today, the town boasts Norway’s longest pedestrian street.

  • Boknafjellet is the highest point between Jæren and Bømlo, and the TV antenna tower is literally the biggest landmark in Bokn. At 294 metres, the antenna has served as an important navigational point for seafarers.
  • The beaches of Karmøy Åkrasanden beach was named the most beautiful beach in Norway in 2014. The walk there takes you through the exciting coastal landscape between Åkra and Ferkingstad, which offers a combination of nature and culture. Walking along the white sand of this long beach is a great experience whatever the time of year.
Mt Boknafjellet.|© Vestfoto AS


The town of Kristiansund in Nordmøre is an island community consisting of four large and a number of small islands. Surrounded by the sea, islands, islets and skerries, it is a beautiful place to visit.

  • At 78 metres, Varden is the highest point in the Kirkelandet area. The walk from the centre of Kristiansund only takes about 10–15 minutes. From the top you can enjoy 360-degree views of the harbour, the island of Grip, the town, the sea and the mountains.
  • Havstien is a walking path from the centre of Kristiansund that offers great views of the sea. The walk takes you past several cultural heritage sites and you have the option of walking via Kringsjå on your way back. The walk takes about two hours.
Havstien.|© Eline Karlsdatter Fladseth /


Molde is situated by the Romsdalsfjord and is often called the ‘Town of Roses’. The town is also known for hosting the annual Molde International Jazz Festival, and the surrounding area varies between coastal landscapes with gentle hills along the fjord and high peaks above the tree line.

  • From the Varden viewpoint at 407 metres, you can enjoy views of Molde, the fjord, the islands and the famous Molde panorama, with its 222 partially snow-clad peaks. It’s an hour’s walk, or a ten minute drive, to the summit, where you will also find the ‘Vardestua’ restaurant.
Enjoy the view of the Molde panorama and its 222 partially snow-clad peaks.|© Fred Jonny Hammerø/Møre og Romsdal Fylke


Stavanger is known as the oil city and is situated in a varied landscape between fjords, mountains, the sky and the sea. The city also has a rich cultural and culinary scene.

  • Stokkavannet lake is a few kilometres from the city centre. It is surrounded by green areas that offer several options for walks, a rich bird life and floodlit paths around the lake.
  • Vårlivarden is a nice, family-friendly hike with panoramic views over Ryfylke and the Stavanger Peninsula.
Nice view from Vårlivarden|© Marie von Krogh


Ålesund is in beautiful natural surroundings and is known for its Art Nouveau architecture. The surrounding islands and fjords and the high mountains of the Sunnmøre Alps make walking in Ålesund a great experience.

  • Mount Aksla is a popular attraction and walking destination, from where you can enjoy the lovely views of the islands and skerries, the town centre and the Sunnmøre Alps. You can either walk the 418 steps from the Byparken park or go there by car or a small train.
  • Sukkertoppen is at an altitude of 314 metres and offers fantastic views of the town, the coast and the sea, all at once. The starting point for the walk is Hessa, which you can reach by car, bus or bicycle from the centre of Ålesund.
Beautiful view from Aksla.|© Arnfinn Tønnesen

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