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Waterfalls are particularly beautiful and impressive during spring when the snow melts in the mountains.


Vøringsfossen is one of the attractions along the Norwegian Scenic Route Hardangervidda, and it is among the most visited tourist attractions in Norway. Its total fall of 182 metres from the Hardangervidda plateau makes it an impressive sight.

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Voted the world’s most beautiful waterfall in the ‘World Waterfall Database’. Langfoss is in a beautiful setting along the Åkrafjord, not far from Haugesund. It is possible to walk to the top of the waterfall.

It's possible to hike to the top of Langfoss waterfall.|© Magnus Roaldset Furset

The Seven Sisters (De syv søstre)

The Seven Sisters are among the most photographed waterfalls in the Geirangerfjord. The waterfall is made up of seven waterfalls that plunge into the fjord, which explains its name. According to legend, all of the sisters are unmarried, and the waterfall on the other side of the fjord (see below) has made many unsuccessful marriage proposals.

The Seven sisters. Are you able to count the seven waterfalls?

Vinnu waterfall

Europe's highest waterfall! With its 865 meters, it's an impressive sight. Vinnu originates from the glacier Vinnufonna, which is the largest glacier between Jostedalsbreen and Svartisen.

© Lars Olav Melkild


Låtefossen is a very popular subject for photographers, running under a distinctive stone bridge. Låtefossen is actually two waterfalls, Skarsfossen in the south and Låtefossen in the north. Both descend from Lotevatnet lake. Låtefossen became a popular attraction for German and English tourists already in the 19th century.

Låtefoss waterfall.|© Scott Sporleder / Matador Network


Steinsdalsfossen is one of Norway’s most visited waterfalls, and visitors can even walk behind it! There is a nice path from the car park up to the waterfall, which is situated beside Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger.

There's a nice path behind the waterfall.|© RHF


Tvindefossen is situated not far from Voss and is said to be a source of eternal youth! So bring an empty bottle!

Bring a bottle when you visit this waterfall!|© Svein Ulvund


Hengjanefossen cascades down into the Lysefjord, and you can see it on a Rødne fjord cruise from Stavanger. Have an empty bottle at the ready so you can drink water straight from the waterfall!

Enjoy the sight of the waterfall on a fjord cruise.|© Rødne


There is a spectacular bridge across Likholefossen, which is part of the Gaularvassdraget river system. The waterfall is an attraction along Norwegian Scenic Route Gaularfjellet.

A bridge makes it easy to get close to the waterfall. |© Arild Waage


The impressive Mardalsfossen plunges down into Eikesdalen valley, and it is the fourth tallest free fall waterfall in the world!

Mardalsfossen waterfall is a great destination for a hike!|© Mattias Fredriksson


Storseterfossen in Geiranger has a good path you can take behind the waterfall!

It's a great experience to go behind the waterfall! |© CH/


The Flåm Railway stops at Kjosfossen, which is a very popular photo stop. In summer, mischievous wood nymphs dance beside the waterfall!

A wood nymph dances beside the waterfall!


Feigefossen is Norway’s highest unregulated waterfall, and it is situated on the southern side of the Lustrafjord.

Beautiful Feigefossen.|© Sverre Hjørnevik


Vettisfossen is the highest protected waterfall in Norway, with a free fall of 275 metres. The waterfall has been protected by law since 1924.

A free fall of 275 metres!|© Gabor Igari


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