Did you know that the sounds, smells and sights of spring produce serotonin in the brain. It creates a unique kind of happiness. We call it SPRINGFULNESS.

Swing into spring at Trandal in Hjørundfjorden.|© Michaela Potterbaum

Spring is the season of joy in Fjord Norway

When springtime arrives in Fjord Norway, the whole region bursts into life after a long winter sleep. The blooming apple orchards, warm temperatures and abundant wildlife creates a special kind of happiness. The locals get an extra spring in their step as they enjoy a cold beer in an outdoor bar or explore nature with less layers of clothing. We call this feeling springfulness, and it occurs when sunlight triggers our happiness hormones. Due to the contrasting seasons and temperatures in Fjord Norway, spring is highly welcomed and marks a time of rejuvenation and pure joy. From early March, a rich and joyous spring follows and fantastic adventures awaits you across Fjord Norway.

“When spring comes to Fjord Norway, there’s an explosion of light, smells, colours and our brain loves it.”

Brain Scientist, Bjarne Kristian Aaslie Hansen

The waterfalls are at their wildest this time of year

When the snow melts in Fjord Norway, billions of litres of water cascade down the mountains to the fjords. The countless waterfalls are never bigger than in May and June. Standing in front of one of these waterfalls in spate gives you a real rush. Check out the magnificent and epic waterfall experiences of Fjord Norway!

This is the peak season for adrenaline

Spring is definitely the peak season for all adrenaline-filled activities like rafting, deep sea rafting, river expedition, coasteering, canyoning, kayaking or biking in Fjord Norway. Many visitors have yet to discover how much there is to do in springtime in Fjord Norway, and it's the perfect time to visit if you would like to get away from the crowds visiting during the summer season.

Climbing one of the lofty Via Ferrata routes in Fjord Norway is also an unforgettable experience. Once the snow clears from the mountainsides in April or May, several Via Ferrata opens, offering both half-day trips for those without any climbing experience, as well as more challenging experiences such as the West wall in Åndalsnes. Once on top of the mountain, after hours of climbing, your serotonin levels and springfulness will also have reached a record high.

The winter is definitely best in spring

When the fruit trees are in full bloom and the snow on the mountain peaks glitters in the spring sun, a shy and special creature appears amongst the fauna of Fjord Norway. This creature is known as the frisky skiing enthusiast, a serotonin-rich species that increases in number until the snow slowly disappears again in late May/June. Either on skis, snowshoes or split board, you can see them making their way up summits before quickly speeding down the mountainside – also known as ski touring.

Other frisky skiing enthusiasts can be found gliding through groomed ski tracks on cross-country skis with a smile on their face. When spring comes to an end, the frisky skiing enthusiast disappears and is replaced by the adventurous summer tourist.

Spring adventures in the fjords

Everyone who is accustomed to any of the towns and cities along the coast, such as Kristiansund, Molde, Ålesund, Bergen and Stavanger, knows that spring is more than just dandelions popping out of the ground and the opportunity to wear only a T-shirt in an outdoor bar with a sea view. It might increase the level of serotonin in our blood, but spring is more than just pleasure and euphoric hormones.

A fjord cruise from Vågen in Stavanger to the Lysefjord in Ryfylke, or from Ålesund to the UNESCO Geiranger, is particularly lovely in the spring. The fjords reveal its treasure trove of hiking trails in the mountains, the lakes and rivers are full of fish, and popular attractions such as Preikestolen is much more accessible as the snow melts.

The adventure season in the surrounding fjords and islands of Ålesund will soon be kicking into high-gear with the spring sun right around the corner. Around April 1st, the Runde island is teeming with birdlife. Join an unforgettable puffin safari at the rim of the Atlantic Ocean.

Flowers burst into life

Forget about the tulips in the Netherlands. Forget about the sakura in Japan. The spring blossoms in the Fjord Norway have dazzled visitors for 1000 years with their explosion of colors and scents. The magic comes primarily from the blooming nature in the fjord landscape. If you visit these lush fjords between the end of April and the end of June, the chances are high you are in for an unforgettable experience.

In Ryfylke and Møre og Romsdal, cider production is relatively new, but it has already yielded results in the form of medals at prestigious CiderWorld Award and Cider World Champions competitions. Visit the cider producers and get an introduction to history, culture, and production methods. Take in the scent of flowers on a walk through the orchards combined with cider tastings and a visit to a farm shop!

Spectacular mountain roads reopens

Due to the significant local differences in climate and geography, Fjord Norway has several seasonally closed roads. From Setesdal and Sirdal in the south to Hardangervidda, Saudafjellet, and Lysevegen in Ryfylke, Sognefjellet, Jotunheimen, and Trollstigen in the Northwestern part of Fjord Norway, the visible part of the roads are just rows of small poles sticking out of the snow throughout the winter.

Come late spring, the heavy snowplows once again clear the roads of tons of snow. As soon as the roads have been cleared and open, you can drive on bare asphalt between towering snowbanks with the sun barely visible over the snowbanks. Cycling or driving between the vertical walls of snow is also quite a unique experience, and during late spring it can be done wearing nothing but shorts and a t-shirt.

Unique accommodation in pure nature

Spring in Fjord Norway is about enjoying life. In addition to the mountains, fjords and waterfalls, the landscape is teeming with birds and bees, and flora and fauna comes out of their winter sleep. The true colours of Fjord Norway can be experiences in a cacophony of life, flowers, colour and joy that can overcome the winter melancholy and relieve the everyday worries of those lucky enough to be there to behold the beauty of the transforming landscape.

Imagine waking up in this cacophony of life when the sunrays illuminate the landscape. No matter how you choose to spend the night, nature will be your closest neighbour. Experience the joy of spring by staying in a unique accommodation, or in a charming fjord town or city.

Springfulness, available for a limited time only