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Outstanding accommodation

At Speilet – "The Mirror" – on the island of Tustna north of Kristiansund, you get precisely this combination: closeness to nature AND luxurious comfort. As the name suggests, the walls are made of mirrored glass, allowing you to spend the night undisturbed by prying eyes – but with a dazzling view of the mountains and archipelago. Kilsti Compact Lodge, located by the Storfjord in the neighbouring village to Geiranger, consists of a cabin complex with panoramic views in all directions – even through the glass roof! You feel like you’re sleeping in a warm bed under the open sky.

You can also enjoy panoramic views from the bathtub at Sjøbua on Villsaugården in Smøla. Situated right by the water's edge and with great views in all directions, you really come close to the elements. Other options if you love rugged landscapes and sea views are Runde Panorama, Tunheimsfjørå Lodge and Hakallevær. Here you can stay in luxurious cabins and apartments that are discreetly located in the wild surroundings, giving each place a sense of seclusion and tranquillity.

Dreaming of a hammock

Do you dream of spending a night under the open sky? Try sleeping in a hammock! On the island of Tustna, you'll find Tustna Ladestasjon, a "hammock hotel" with extra comfortable hammocks and access to showers and toilets. Here you can experience the wilderness feeling without sacrificing some essential comforts. If you're longing for the simple life, the hammock park in Midsund outside Molde might appeal even more! On a plateau overlooking the archipelago and the Atlantic Ocean, there are posts for hanging your own hammock. The park is situated by the trail to the mountain Digergubben – and close to many other hiking opportunities. In Midsund, you can also experience one of Norway's longest continuous stone staircases, with altogether 3,292 steps.

Glamping – a warm tent for cold nights

If you fancy sleeping outdoors but get cold in tents and vertigo in a hammock, then glamping – glamorous camping – might be the thing for you. There are various options, but the concept consists of tent solutions upgraded with floors and heating, often with beds and chairs. Some are also equipped with small kitchens. Even though the facilities are of a high standard, glamping still feels completely different from staying in a cabin or a hotel room.

Grautaneset Arctic Dome on Tustna, not far from Speilet (“The Mirror”), offers a hot tub, fishing opportunities and even a kitchen for preparing your own catch! Fugelvåg Arctic Dome has a canoe available for exploring the Ålvundfjord, while Romsdal Glamping features a wood-fired sauna and hot tub, located close to the Rauma river. In Valldal, you can find Merete’s Garden, a retreat centre offering yoga and a spa, plus accommodation in large, bright glamping tents with comfortable beds and down duvets.

Unique hotels

Even though there’s a large range of cabins, hammocks and tents to choose from, a lot of people still prefer a comfortable, luxurious night at a hotel. You’ll find architectural marvels, design hotels, family owned and historic hotels in this region. Juvet Landscape Hotel is perhaps one of Norway's most famous hotels at the moment. This architectural gem has become a coveted location for foreign film and TV productions, and a few scenes from the HBO series Succession were filmed on its grounds. The rafting river Valldøla and the waterfall down Gudbrandsjuvet gorge are close by, and the rooms almost merge with the landscape.

Angvik Gamle Handelssted or “Angvik Old Trading Post” is another renowned hotel, located by the Tingvollfjord not far from Kristiansund. As the name indicates, this is an old trading station, where exclusive Nordic luxury is fused with a homely atmosphere. Good food from local suppliers, spa treatments and dips in the fjord are among the highlights. Nestled between the Sunnmøre Alps and the Hjørundfjord is the majestic Hotel Union Øye, from 1891. This venerable hotel has been frequented by artists and writers, as well as emperors, kings and queens. All of them came here to be enthralled by the stunning mountains and fjords that surround it.

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Stay on an island

For some people, getting away from it all is not quite enough. Perhaps you yearn for something really remote? In that case, off-grid accommodation on an island may be just what you need. Flatflesa Lighthouse lies on a rocky islet between Molde and Ålesund, with the more famous Ona island as its closest neighbour. The lighthouse keeper's house has been restored and now has nine rooms with 16 beds. The food here is sourced directly from the sea and prepared by chefs who happily involve you in the cooking!

Korsholmen or Håholmen outside Averøya are more accessible alternatives. These islets are still secluded, but easy to reach from the Atlantic Road. The hotel on Håholmen consists of a cluster of buildings from the former fishing village. A restaurant and a bar provide the social life, and you can even sail to the islands in a Viking ship!

Flatflesa Lighthouse - an island all to itself in the middle of the sea.|©

If you dream of staying in a secluded lighthouse but fear both the isolation and the journey there, there's a solution right in the center of Ålesund. Room 47 at Hotel Brosundet, better known as Molja Lighthouse, offers something unique: a real lighthouse, centrally located at the very end of the pier in the harbor. Molja Lighthouse is a favored accommodation, especially for newlyweds, with breakfast delivered in a basket in the morning.

Farm stays

If you’re looking for a truly authentic, secluded holiday destination that doesn't involve sea spray, you could stay on a farm. Renndølsetra is situated in the picturesque Innerdalen valley, and during summertime it operates as a traditional mountain farm. Sour cream, yogurt and butter are made from the cows' milk, and served for breakfast at the communal dining table. Enjoy the feeling of being taken back in time, and leave all your cares behind.

If you think a micro house combined with a farm stay would be cool, then Kråen Gard is for you. Sleep in a micro house on the farm and enjoy an eco-friendly environment with the same level of comfort as a hotel room. The farm, which dates back to the 17th century, boasts a wonderful café and a shop that sells local produce, such as jams, bread and pastries.

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