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The Norwegian fjord landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, represented by the Nærøyfjord and Geirangerfjord. A lot of people come to Western Norway to experience this unique fjord landscape, and what’s better than staying next to the fjord — as close as you can get?

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There are hotels, campsites, glamping, cabins and holiday homes that have that perfect location by the fjord you are looking for. Many of the accommodations are excellent starting points for experiencing some of the most famous attractions in the region — as well as lots of lesser-known gems. Some of the holiday homes even have a boat you can borrow or rent, so if you bring your fishing rod, you can try your luck at fishing!

Below you will find some of the finest places to stay in Fjord Norway situated right by the fjord. A complete list of accommodation options in Fjord Norway can be found here.

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Hotel in a class of its own — by the fjord

Several of the historic hotels in Fjord Norway are strategically situated by the fjord. When tourists began to flock to Norway in the late 19th century, it was precisely the fjord landscape that many wanted to experience, and they often came by sea. You can of course also find newer, modern hotels along the fjords. Something that both the old and the new generation of hotels have in common is a fantastic location beside the fjord and close proximity to major attractions.

The historic Hotel Ullensvang in Hardanger is a good starting point for those wanting to hike to Trolltunga or Dronningstien (HM Queen Sonja’s Panoramic Hiking Trail), experience the Hardangerfjord and see Vøringsfossen waterfall. Hotel Alexandra in Loen is situated right next to Loen Skylift, the gondola that takes you from the fjord to the top of the mountain in five minutes, and is also not far from the beautiful Lodalen and Oldedalen valleys. Grande Fjord Hotel is situated by the world-famous Geirangerfjord. How about relaxing in the Jacuzzi while looking out over the fjord? If you want to stay close to the Sognefjord, check in at the traditional Kviknes Hotel in the artists’ village Balestrand. In addition to the beautiful landscape, galleries and architecture, Balestrand is known for its cider. Below are even more beautiful fjord hotels in Fjord Norway.

Glamping or camping?

Would you rather stay somewhere simple— or stay close to nature without completely sacrificing that little sense of luxury? You will find many campsites idyllically situated along the fjords. For those who want slightly more glamorous accommodation, there are more and more places to go glamping in Western Norway. How about staying in a dome, where you can gaze up at the starry sky and look out to the fjord from the soft and comfortable bed, or in a large tent with everything you need? There are a number of places where you can rent or borrow a boat, SUP (stand-up paddleboard), kayak or canoe.

Glamping — for those who want a little more luxury

Just like camping — but comfortable! Staying in a dome — like at Åkrafjorden glamping — lets you get close to nature but on nature’s own terms. Staying in a dome, with its tiny footprint, gives you all the feeling of camping but with a bit more luxury. Such domes or luxury tents can be found in several other places in the region, for example at NorGlamp - Arctic Dome on Randøy in Ryfylke, north of Stavanger. They also rent out bikes, boats and fishing equipment. In the Northwest region, not far from the beautiful Innerdalen valley, you will find Fugelvåg Arctic Dome. It offers 360-degree views of the fjord and mountains, and the accommodation includes a canoe!

The ‘real’ camping life — by the fjord!

Bring a tent or caravan, or rent a camping cabin! There are a number of campsites throughout Fjord Norway, some of which are situated right by the fjord. Kjørnes Camping & Fjordhytter is one such place. The campsite is not far from Sogndal, has a one-kilometre long shoreline and is perfectly situated for active experiences in the Sognefjord region. Ulvik Camping & Cabins is situated by the Ulvikfjord in Hardanger. Rent a kayak and explore the fjord, hire a bike if you didn’t bring your own, and don’t forget to sample one of the apple ciders for which Hardanger has become famous! Or leave the car behind and take the boat to the roadless village of Flørli by the Lysefjord, a great place to pitch your tent. Walk the famous and spectacular Flørli stairs and enjoy the silence and the view of the Lysefjord.

Unique places to stay: where the accommodation is the main attraction

Some people travel just for the experience of staying somewhere completely unique. Spend the night among the treetops overlooking the fjord and mountains, in an architect-designed cabin where every detail has been considered; or stay at a unique, modern B&B with a sea of activities in the fjord landscape. Be sure to book early! Many places need to be booked long in advance.

The Bolder by the Lysefjord has recently received both national and international acclaim, and it’s easy to see why: The lodges, designed by the renowned architectural firm Snøhetta, almost hover over the Lysefjord. In case you don’t just want just to stay in the lodge and admire the view, Preikestolen Pulpit Rock, Mount Kjerag, Lysebotn and Flørli are all nearby.

Beside the Lustrafjord in the Sognefjord region, the perfectly-named cabin the Fjord Mirror awaits you. The glass cabin, mirrored on the outside to reflect the fjord and mountains, offers panoramic views of the fjord, the Feigumfossen waterfall and the surrounding mountains. There are many attractions and activities in the area — everything is set for an amazing break from everyday life.

Cabins and holiday apartments close to the fjord

It’s popular to rent a private cabin or holiday home, and fortunately there are many places to rent along the whole of Fjord Norway. For those lucky enough to rent a holiday home down by the fjord, it often comes with a boat you can borrow or hire.

Lysefjorden Marina and Gøysa Gard are situated in Ryfylke and both offer wonderful views of the Lysefjord and surrounding mountains. They are perfectly situated for anyone wanting to hike to Preikestolen Pulpit Rock, Mount Kjerag or the Flørli stairs. You can rent a boat or kayak at Lysefjorden Marina, and Gøysa Gard rent out electric or regular bikes.

Monsås farm is situated in the far north of Fjord Norway, not far from Åndalsnes by the Romsdalsfjord. The organic farm keeps wild sheep, has a greenhouse and grows flowers for cutting. It also has its own shoreline! You can rent an apartment here close to the fjord and the mighty Romsdal Alps, Romsdalseggen ridge, Trollstigen road and the Romsdal gondola are all in the area.

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