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Whether you prefer taking it easy or being active: the fjords are among the biggest attractions in Norway and a nature experience out of the ordinary that you simply mustn't miss.

The most famous fjords in Norway offer a myriad of different activities, but don't forget the lesser-known fjord arms when you visit our region.

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Leisurely fjord cruise or exhilarating RIB boat trip?

Whether you want to glide silently on the fjord in an electric boat or feel the adrenaline rush on a RIB boat trip, you have plenty of options throughout the region. No matter what you choose, you can get to experience the fjord up close on all the trips. See the waterfalls plunge down steep mountains, remote farms clinging to the mountainside and, if you're lucky, a porpoise or two breaking the surface of the water. Many fjord cruises and RIB boat trips are available throughout the year. The best fjord cruises in Fjord Norway can be found here.

A fjord cruise on the Nærøyfjord in an electric boat is a an incredible experience!|© Sverre Hjørnevik

Under your own steam: try kayaking or SUP boarding!

A kayak or SUP (stand-up paddle board) are great ways to experience the fjord, both of which you can do without any previous experience. In many places, you can go on guided trips, or, if you have experience, you can hire a kayak and set off on your own. Glide silently through the water, get close to the wildlife and discover places along the fjord you can only reach by boat. You can read more about guided kayaking trips here.

Kayaking in the Tafjord: feel the spray from the waterfall!|© Ræin Adventures

Walks beside some of the world's most beautiful fjords

Nature is easily accessible in Fjord Norway and you don’t have to go far to get fantastic views of the fjords and mountains. There are child-friendly, easy walks and challenging summit hikes, with what may be some of the world’s most beautiful lunch spots – out in nature.

If you don't want to walk that far, you can just stop at the many viewpoints that offer great views of the fjord.

Romsdalseggen ridge – great views of the Romsdalsfjord and the surrounding mountains.|© Øyvind Heen/

Anyone for a skiing trip with a fjord view?

What could be better: a beautiful sunny day, amazing snow conditions, and a view of the blue fjord down below you.

In Fjord Norway, there are many small, family-friendly ski centres that offer fjord views, as well as lots of places to ski in the mountains with unbeatable views. In Sunnmøre, you can even try ‘Ski & Sail’, where a sailing boat takes you from place to place, and you hike from the fjord to the mountains before skiing back down again. Unforgettable!

Unbeatable views from Strandafjellet.|© Håvard Myklebust

Cycling along the fjords

It's like cycling in a painting from the National Romantic era. Across Fjord Norway, there are many cycling routes and places to hire a bike if you haven’t brought your own. In Sunnhordland, not far from Bergen, you will find many cycling routes along both the fjord and coast. The beautiful Lysefjord route consists of seven stages around the fjord, and is also where will find the hiking routes to Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) and Mount Kjerag. In the Sognefjord region, you can experience many great cycling routes along some of the world's most beautiful fjords. The fact that this is also an eco-friendly way to visit the fjords is a bonus!

Hot sauna, cold fjord

Saunas have ‘popped up’ across Fjord Norway, where you can combine well-being, fjord views and a refreshing dip in a fjord. Switching between an icy cold dip and the heat of the sauna is truly invigorating. Combine a hike in the fjord landscape and relaxation in a sauna afterwards as a reward!

Does "Heit Sauna" in Hardanger look tempting?|© /

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