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Fjord Norway is perfect for kayaking! With stunning coastal areas, fantastic fjords and some of the best rivers for river kayaking, the region offers adventures for padlers at all levels. Several operators offer rental kayaks and guided tours.

Wether you prefer paddling on calm and impressive fjords or gliding through the unique landscape and archipelago of the Norwegian coast, Fjord Norway has some of the best conditions in the world for kayaking.

It really strikes you when you are out there in the elements. Fjord Norway almost seems as though it was made for kayaking. This is where you will find those shallow, narrow channels and straits where other small boats are hestitant to cross - and a myriad of small islands, reefs and islets that makes navigation fun. The easy availability of key junctions on the west coast makes the area particularly well suited for weekend trips, short holidays or mini expeditions.

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Reasons why you should choose a guided kayak trip

The ultimate experience is perhaps to experience some of the most beautiful places along the long coast of Fjord Norway from a kayak. You will get a whole new perspective from seeing the scenery from the sea. You are so close to the water you can taste the salt and feel the sea breeze on your face. You can make your way through islets and skerries, where you can watch animals and birds up close.

Many are well versed in outdoor pursuits and are perfectly capable of travelling safely both on water and on land. Nonetheless, there are many reasons to choose a guided trip when you are going to visit or explore an area from a kayak.

The guide knows the nicest places and the best experiences in the area.|© Magnus Furuset

In addition to ensuring a safe and great experience, a guide will also have knowledge of the well-kept secrets you won’t be able to find on your own. The guide knows the nicest places and the best experiences in the area. On a guided trip or experience, you will gain an insight into the local culture and history, learn fun facts, and perhaps even get to meet local heroes or make new, interesting acquaintances during the trip.

Learning about the history, culture and natural phenomena in the places and attractions you visit will enrich your experience and make it more interesting. It’s well worth the extra money! Many activity providers have great options for families, and most of them offer trips that do not require experience or prior knowledge of kayaking, making them suitable for everyone. Such trips are normally carried out in double kayaks, which are robust and safe.

Different kayaking trips

A guided kayaking trip can last from two hours to several days with overnight stays, and can also be combined with hikes/summit tours or other activities.

Before the trip starts, you familiarise yourself with the kayak and learn basic kayaking techniques with the paddle, and basic safety rules. You may need a 'wet card' (proof from the Norwegian Canoe Association that you have completed a minimum of a four-hour course) to kayak in single kayaks.

Fjord Norway is perfect for kayaking!|© Visit Fjordkysten


One basic rule is to dress according to the water temperature. The water is cold in spring, and although the temperature on land may be warm, you should wear a neoprene suit that will keep you warm and comfortable, even if you get wet. Kayaking wetsuits are sleeveless but cover the torso and shoulders.

It's easy to get wet at sea, and you should therefore wear a layer of wool to avoid getting cold. Wool is great, as it will keep you warm even if it gets wet. Clothes made of synthetic materials are better than cotton at sea. Most serious firms offer neoprene wetsuits and kayak shoes and lifejackets, which participants can use.

What do you need to bring on a guided trip?

You should bring a water bottle and some food/snacks depending on the length of the trip. Some trips include lunch/food.

Bring a warm jumper/jacket and, depending on whether it is early or late in the season, it might be a good idea to bring a hat. Most heat loss is from the head and putting on a hat can do wonders if you’re getting cold.

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