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Have you decided to explore Fjord Norway from a kayak? To ensure your trip is safe and a great experience, it is important to pack the kayak correctly, and of course bring everything you need.

Important to consider when packing the kayak

Pack your rucksack etc. in waterproof bags or in boxes. Although your kayak will have a watertight bulkhead and tailgate hatch, the bulkhead might leak or waves could open the hatch.

Place the heaviest rucksack right behind the cockpit and ensure that it is stored in a way that ensures it will not move during the trip. Any items that are loose in the boat should be secured by a line. The kayak will be more stable under load, and you can use it to trim the boat. If the kayak has too much windage in the bow, you can reduce this by putting more weight in the front.

If you are kayaking an empty kayak, you can increase its stability by placing extra weight in the bottom of the kayak, an almost full 5-litre water bottle behind your back will do. Make sure that it will not move. Do not use sand bags or other heavy items that do not float, as they will slide to the end of the kayak and work as a weight should the canoe tip over.

Bring necessary emergency equipment: Pump, paddle bag, an extra paddle, ropeline, first-aid kit, mountain thermo blanket, repair kit, emergency supplies and water.

Remember to dress according to the water temperature, and not according to the temperature on land. The water can be cold in spring, even if it is warm on land.

List of items to pack for a day trip

  • Kayaking life jacket
  • Spray skirt
  • Paddle
  • Extra paddle (preferably foldable)
  • Paddle bag
  • Blige pump
  • Tow rope
  • Compass
  • Map in a waterproof map case (and tide tables if you are kayaking in the sea)
  • Cover
  • Water bottle
  • Knife
  • Whistle
  • Mobile phone in a waterproof case

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