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On the way to the beautiful Lustrafjord, The Fjord Mirror is waiting for you at Nes Gard in Høyhemsvik.

Bring a friend or girlfriend and move into a glass cabin where you have a panoramic view of the Sognefjord, Feigumfossen and the surrounding mountains. With a small cozy kitchen and bathroom, you have everything you need for a little adventure.

In addition to 180 degree views, you get a little surprise in the room.

You can choose whether you want to be served food and drink at the glass cabin, or whether you eat at Nes Gard.

Welcome to Nes Gard in Luster!

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  • Lustravegen 2400A
  • 6875 Høyheimsvik

Where is Fjord Mirror, Nes Gard Luster?