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Spectacular designer cabins

The Bolder's six beautiful design cabins by the Lysefjord are among the most unique accommodation in Fjord Norway. Together with talented architects, designers, photographers and artists, they have developed a "slow travel" concept with quality brands such as Vipp and Eikund.

Grand Lodge and SkyLodge were designed by the renowned architectural firm Snøhetta, while architect John Birger Grytdal designed StarLodge.

The stylish, small cabins are carefully positioned on the mountainside facing the Lysefjord. All have panoramic windows facing the majestic fjord and the mighty mountains. It's almost as if you can touch and feel the raw nature that surrounds you.

© Flørli 4444

Romantic stay

The roadless village of Flørli, midway in the Lysefjord, is best known for the world's longest wooden staircase with 4444 steps. Combine a great hike with a romantic stay in Radiobua Minisuite.

The small red cabin measures 4 square metres and consists of just one double bed and a large window with a fantastic view of the fjord.

The Minisuite is located on its own on Flørneset, right on the edge of the fjord. From the veranda, you and your loved one can enjoy food and drinks while enjoying each other's company in the beautiful surroundings.

Everything is in place for a romantic stay that will not soon be forgotten.

© Explore Lysefjorden

Comfortable mini cabins

Are you planning a short stay but want to stay comfortably in beautiful surroundings? Then the Fjord & Forest mini-cabins at Gøysa Gard by the Lysefjord are perfect for you!

The cabins are only 15 m2, but have large windows and all the facilities you need. From the double bed and terrace you can enjoy the fantastic view of the fjord.

Gøysa Gard also offers accommodation in Astrid's, The Farmhouse and The Nest. These are better options if you're planning a longer stay. With a short distance to attractions such as Preikestolen, Flørli and Kjerag, you may want to set aside several days when you're in the area.

Design hotel from the 60s

The family-run design hotel Energihotellet at Nesflaten in Suldal was designed by the renowned architect Geir Grung in the 1960s. He also designed the housing estate and power station for Hydro's Røldal-Suldal plant, making the area one of the finest and best-preserved examples of functionalist style in Norway.

The historic hotel has a clean and simple design with large surfaces and clean lines. Make yourself comfortable in the original 1960s furniture and enjoy the view of Lake Suldalsvatnet and the powerful nature that surrounds the hotel.

The hotel has its own restaurant serving tasty dishes based on local produce.

© Kristofer Ryde

Travel back in time

If you're looking for an authentic slow life living experience holiday, Haukali 333 is the place for you. Here you'll simply be travelling back in time.

The 38 square metre Husmannshuset, which can accommodate eight people, is built as the house on the farm was in 1850. In the kitchen you'll find ingredients for baking bread, you can work in the "old-fashioned way" and you can dress in clothes from the old days.

Make yourself comfortable in the hot tub in the courtyard. Fill your glass with something good and enjoy the silence and unspoilt nature that surrounds the idyllic Haukalivatnet lake.

© Smaken av Ryfylke

Beer barrels with their own beach

At Smaken av Ryfylke, close to the ferry quay at Hjelmeland, you can stay in unique sleeping barrels. The five small cabins, which resemble old beer barrels, have a round window at one end. When you lie in the double bed, you can watch the boats on the fjord. The barrels have a shared shower, toilet and kitchen in the same building as the Smaken av Ryfylke restaurant.

Smaken av Ryfylke also rents out three apartments and three hotel rooms. Both the beer barrels and the apartments have fantastic fjord views, access to a private beach and a quay for fishing in the fjord.

© Visit Ryfylke

Sleep well in a luxury tent

Swap your tent, sleeping bag and headlight for a luxury tent with a soft bed, comfortable duvet and electricity.

At Kleppa Gard & Glamping in Hjelmeland, the "dome" is located beside the loveliest beach. You can go for a refreshing dip in the sea before enjoying your morning coffee to the sound of waves lapping the shore.

NorGlamp is not far away on the island of Randøy, and is also situated beside the sea. You can enjoy fantastic views across the fjord from a luxury tent and study the night sky from your bed when it’s dark.

At Tveita Adventure, near Hebnes in Suldal, the spacious and modern dome has panoramic views of the Ryfylke fjords.

Holiday home with pool

Hjelmeland Fjordferie's two large, exclusive holiday homes are beautifully located close to Hjelmeland ferry quay. The holiday homes have five bathrooms and five bedrooms with room for 12 people. Here you can swim in the pool, relax in the hot tub or work up a sweat in the sauna.

Through the large windows and from the spacious terrace you can enjoy the fantastic fjord views. You can fish from the jetty or take a dip in the sea.

© Preikestolen Basecamp

Under the stars

Preikestolen Basecamp's water camp is perfect for those who want to sleep under the stars. The idyllic campsite, which can accommodate 15 hammocks, is located right on the edge of Revsvatnet lake. Here you can sleep dry under the roof of the jetty and cook delicious meals on the campfire site. Down by the water's edge, the night is quieter, the light is more beautiful and the food tastes better than anywhere else.

Preikestolen Basecamp rents out kayaks and SUP boards, and you can try out the floating sauna. There are several other accommodation options in the area.

© Odd Inge Worsøe

Unique cabins

Skåpet in Forsand consists of a main cabin with a shared living room and kitchen, two bedrooms and a loft, as well as six smaller cabins with five beds. The self-service cabins for the Stavanger Trekking Association were designed by Estonian Koko Architecture + Design. Through the full-length windows you have a fantastic view of idyllic Soddatjørn.

The spectacular cabins are located just 1.5 hours' hike from the car park in Vinddalen. The cabins are the gateway to the route network in the Frafjord moors on the south side of the Lysefjord, and the first or last stop on Lysefjorden Rundt.