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Video of the region with focus on events

Image bank

Our image bank contains many great photos. The purpose of the image bank is to promote Haugalandet as a destination. Please read the terms and conditions and remember to credit images correctly. You can also contact us for images/a presentation of the region.

Digital presentation. Welcome to Haugesund and Haugalandet!

Contact us for a tailor-made digital presentation of the region for your event. Welcome visitors with practical information and tips on what they can experience in the region. Together, we can inform those travelling to your event about all the wonderful things Haugesund and the region has to offer. Perhaps they will stay an few extra days, or choose to return at a later time to experience even more.

The events calendar

Festivals, cultural and sporting events that are open to visitors/spectators can be registered in our events calendar. This is one of our most visited pages and reaches out to both visitors and locals. The calendar is completely free to use. As an organiser, you can easily register your event.


It is possible to apply for financial support from "reiselivsmidlene" for various cultural and sporting events, as well as for other projects that contribute to targeted tourism development for Visit Haugesund's member companies and/or other relevant partners. Financial support is conditional on the project having regional value and that it triggers increased value creation in the region, either in the short or long term. Want to apply? Please get in touch for guidelines (in Norwegian).

Brochures and welcome packs

Please contact us in order to obtain physical brochures and maps for welcome packs/welcome bags etc. We also have lots of great products at the tourist information centre – tote bags, drinking bottles, t-shirts and a great selection of local souvenirs – that can be used as giveaways.

Parking map Haugesund

If you expect many people to arrive by car to an event you are holding in Haugesund, it’s a good idea to send attendees information about parking. The largest multistorey car parks are Centralen in the north (255 parking spaces) and Bølgå in the south (346 parking spaces). There are 10 charging stations for electric cars at Centralen car park.

Digital map of Haugesund in different languages

Download digital maps in Norwegian, German, English, Italian, Spanish or French. The map provides an overview of the most popular attractions in Haugesund town centre, as well as nearby hiking trails. Printed versions are also available.

Please contact us if you have any questions.