Conferences and events in the Haugesund region

The Haugesund region can offer an excellent selection of conference rooms, meeting venue, dining experiences, local suppliers and exciting activities. Would you like any assistance planning your event? We will do our utmost to make your event a success!

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Plan your event in the Haugesund

We are happy to assist throughout the process of planning your event. As part of Innovation Norway/Visit Norway's network of event cities, you can benefit from our knowledge, ideas and extensive network. Contact Kine Bjøralt at

How can we help you?

Visit Haugesund is ready to help you apply to host a national convention, conference, championship or other event in the region. We can also provide support for an event – completely free of charge! Read more about the type of support we can provide.

Useful tools

Do you need films, images, maps, brochures, guides or similar? Take a look at these useful tools for conferences and events.

The Haugesund region

Haugesund is the regional centre for more than 120,000 people living in the Haugesund region, also known as Haugalandet, conveniently situated between Bergen and Stavanger. Haugesund has a vibrant and authentic town centre with a nice waterfront. You really feel like you are SOMEWHERE, not just ANYWHERE when visiting Haugesund. There’s only a short walking distance to hotels, restaurants, venues and activities. The airport is just 15 minutes by bus/taxi from the city centre. Read more about how to get to Haugesund. Do you want some ideas for planning your trip? Or suggestions for day trips? Have a look here.

Culture and industry

Haugalandet hosts a range of major international conferences, annual festivals and various sporting events. The region also boasts a number of exciting and innovative industries and academic communities. Read more about culture and industry in the region.


The region offers excellent facilities for events of all sizes, whether it is for conferences, meetings, sporting championships or cultural events. The region is ready to make your event an unforgettable experience!

Hotels and accommodation

Haugesund city centre has just over 800 hotel rooms and the airport hotel 15 minutes from the city has 117 rooms. The largest hotel in Haugesund is Quality Hotel Maritim, beautifully situated by the waterfront, with 311 rooms. The hotel has been named ‘Rogaland's best breakfast hotel’ several times. In 2025 (?) a newly refurbished hotel with 110 rooms will open just outside the city centre. Other accommodation options are also available in Haugesund and the region. Get an overview here

Local Suppliers for Conferences and Events

The region is home to many suppliers offering most of what you need to make your conference or event a success. We have made an overview of suppliers with technical equipment, promotional products, transportation, marketing, catering, fireworks and much more. We are happy to help you find the right partners for your event. Remember that using local suppliers is more sustainable and increases local value creation. Find your partners!

Activities in the region

Would you like to include something in your programme that’s outside of the meeting room, arrange a reception or perhaps give attendees more information about different things they can experience in the region? Contact us for proposals for activities that would suit your event. We can also create a tailored-made presentation about the region that you can send to attendees. Get inspired!

Incentive tours and team building

Team building is an important way of building cohesion and motivating your company’s employees. Haugesund has plenty of exciting activities and experiences that promise your employees a shared positive experience that will be a talking point for a long time. Get ideas for team building!

Food and drink

Great food is an essential part of an event’s overall experience. Get an overview of restaurants, pubs, bars, function rooms and catering.