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Would you like to invite a national convention, trade show or conference to Haugesund? Or apply to bring a sporting event, championship or other cultural event to the region? Perhaps you’re currently planning or thinking about organising an event in the future? If that’s the case, it’s good to have support when developing the event or promoting the region. We offer free advice and support. Contact Kine Bjøralt, director of conferances and events.

We can offer:

  • Mapping and assistance investigating whether an event can be hosted in the region
  • Preparing an application or bid (an official invitation from the local host)
  • Obtaining a letter of support/welcome letter from the municipality
  • Organising a fam trip for decision makers
  • Advising on activities surrounding the event
  • Being a link to the municipality and county
  • Helping make the right connections and finding collaborative opportunities
  • Transferring expertise from other organisers, host towns and cities, via our network
  • Further developing events that are to be held annually
  • Help to find the perfect venue and accommodation
  • Putting you in touch with local suppliers and/or a professional conference organiser (PCO)
  • Calculate the estimated value creation of the event

Marketing and PR support:

  • General marketing advice
  • A tailored presentation about the region for attendees
  • Providing access to an image bank for presentations, programmes etc.
  • Brochures, maps and other information material
  • Putting together a welcome package
  • Sending out press releases

Why are events important?

There are many different ways in which events generate activity and local value. Visitors use local transportation to get to Haugesund, they book accommodation, and they buy food and other items, and this injects money into the region. We may even be able to inspire people attending an event to stay a few more days, or to return again in the future. Together, we should help them discover everything the region has to offer (for example, by sending out a tailor-made presentation about the region in advance of the event).

Whether it’s a conference, exhibition, festival, sporting event, championship or other exciting event, the organiser needs to procure goods and services in order to carry out the event. Another aspect is that events can generate local pride, create experiences and engage volunteers. This makes the region a more attractive place to live and, not least, builds a reputation as a destination worth visiting. If it’s a large event, we can use Innovation Norway’s event calculator to calculate local value creation.

Useful tools

Do you need images, maps, brochures, guides or similar? Take a look at these useful tools for events in Haugesund and Haugalandet.