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Passionate team, rich experience

Teodor Sæther

Embark on wild experiences with Teodor, who, having spent years with mountain goats, offers unique adventures for the bold. From early ventures into various sports as a youngster to a career shift from a security technician to Scandinavia's largest climbing park operational manager, Teodor's diverse background equips him to guide through challenging conditions. He co-founded Get Guided Norway with Aleksander.

Aleksander Omtvedt

Explore with Aleksander, a seasoned mountain guide holding a bachelor’s degree in outdoor life and physical activity. Endorsed by Norway’s official outdoor institution, DNT, he completed a guiding program and holds a degree as a healthcare worker, specialising in mental health. Beyond expertise in guiding and healthcare, Aleksander is fuelled by a deep passion for the outdoors. His mission is to make nature accessible to all, ensuring your adventure becomes an unforgettable, lifelong memory.


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