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The joy of the outdoors

There's more to the adventures than just the scenery. Stavanger Adventure wants to share the immense joy of being outdoors in breathtaking natural settings. That's why many of their tours include activities like cooking over an open fire, fishing for trout, or swimming in crystal-clear mountain lakes.

Stavanger Adventure's ultimate goal is to guide you to the authentic essence of Norwegian nature, and they will tailor each hike to optimise your overall experience based on the current conditions.

To ensure that they can deliver on their promises, they limit each hike to a group of four people. This is to provide personal excellent guidance and ensure maximum safety. Their core values are the foundation of all that they do: Natural, Quality, and Experience. They take pride in meeting their customers' needs, providing them with a memorable experience for years to come.

About the guide at Stavanger Adventure

Espen is the main guide and the one most likely to accompany you on your chosen hike. He has extensive experience and expertise from numerous expeditions in the Norwegian wilderness. He was previously a fishing instructor, conducting safety training and now ensuring the well-being of participants during their adventures in the Norwegian wilderness. Espen is friendly, considerate, and dedicated to ensuring your adventure is safe and unforgettable. His passion for the outdoors shines through, making him the perfect companion for your excursion.


  • Pickup point: Olav Vs gate 3
  • 4005 Stavanger

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