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Starting in Indre Lima, the hike goes to the mountain Eikefjellet, which offers varied terrain, including tractor roads, footpaths, forest and mountain trails. Some sections can be muddy, but there are usually alternative routes.

You'll enjoy panoramic views, pass the Kløvli scout hut, build a campfire, meet the local sheep and cows, fish in the lake and have the opportunity to visit the highest point on the mountain Eikefjellet for an unrivalled view.

Details of the guided hike to mountain Eikefjellet at Lima

After around 40 minutes' drive from the pick-up point, you'll arrive at the car park. Once at the starting point, your guide will check your equipment and make any necessary adjustments. You'll then receive a short safety briefing with information about the trail, expected conditions and useful hiking tips before setting off on the exciting adventure!

Panoramic views and campfire cooking

We start from the upgraded car park and follow a tractor road. The trail passes through different landscapes, including a wooded section, an open hilltop with panoramic views and a descent towards Ravndal. We continue southwards, alternating between open terrain and coniferous forest, and arrive at Kløvli scout hut by Sjurstjørna. Here we light a fire and get something hot to eat and drink.

The highest point on Eikefjellet makes the trip worthwhile

After the break, we cross a grassy plain and follow a forest path that goes around Ulvanuten and up the mountain. Along the mountain ridge, the hike continues to Eikefjellet, which offers a majestic view. The final ascent to the summit is a highlight, and we take a short detour to the highest point on Eikefjellet to enjoy the fantastic panoramic views.

Downhill return hike

From here, the descent is somewhat steep, however it leads to solid ground. A bench offers a perfect spot for a break. The remainder of the hike follows tractor roads, returning you to the asphalt road and back to the parking area.

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The trip's start and finish time



1-2 people (Monday to Friday):
NOK 6,190
3 people (Monday to Friday):
NOK 7,190
4 people (Monday to Friday):
NOK 8,190
1-2 people (Saturday, Sunday):
NOK 8,190
3 people (Saturday, Sunday):
NOK 9,190
4 people (Saturday, Sunday):
NOK 10,190


  • Pickup point: Olav Vs gate 3
  • 4005 Stavanger


With a guide:

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