Shopping, culture, restaurants and accommodation

Leirvik, or ‘Vikjo’ as the locals tend to call it, is the region’s commercial centre, with shops and other amenities. There are also several great cafés and restaurants, and plenty of culture. Concerts, numerous festivals, theatrical productions and other events – there is always something cultural going on. Many of the events take place in the Cultural Centre, which is right in the middle of town. This also houses the cinema and swimming pool.

The hotels and campsite are within walking distance of Leirvik. The marina is centrally located, and provides a wide range of services for tourists visiting by boat.

Transport hub

Leirvik is a key transport hub, where you can catch local buses, the Kystbussen service, which runs between Bergen and Stavanger, and express boats to destinations in Sunnhordland and beyond. Stord Airport is also 12 km south of Leirvik, with direct flights between Stord and Oslo.

Attractions and recreation within walking distance of the town centre

The Sunnhordlandstunet open-air museum and the Storddøra monument are both within walking distance of Leirvik. And if you would like to go for a stroll or a jog, or enjoy the beach, you don’t even need to get into a car. Landåsen with its fairytale forest, Ådlandsvatnet lake and Hystadmarkjo nature reserve are all pretty and popular places that appeal to people of all ages. If you like cycling, there are also some great cycling trails and routes waiting to be experienced.

Activities at Stord

Leirvik is next to both activities and nature.

Roundtrip: Leirvik - Fjellgardane (20km)

A lovely walk through beautiful scenery and charming areas of housing development. Surface: Tarmac/gravel path Degree of difficulty; Average Length: 20 km Time: 2.5 hours Max. altitude: 160 metres Starts at Kulturhuset in the centre of Leirvik. Cycle through the town centre and continue up Borggata street. If you would like to visit Sunnhordland Museum, you can turn left up Skrivarvegen road and take the first right. At the top of the hill, you come to Sunnhordlandstunet – a farm cluster of eleven old buildings where there is a historical exhibition, a café that is open at weekends and lots more. You then continue on your left along Skrivarvegen road, past the church and up Hystadvegen road. After 2.3 km, you can turn right onto Valevegen road (a 30-km zone). This is a narrower road with very little traffic and a nice view of the sea. Alternatively, you can cycle on up Hystadvegen road. After cycling three km on Valevegen road, you come to the premises of the business Apply. From here, you continue up to the left along Storhaugvegen road. After a further 0.7 km, you come to a pedestrian crossing where you turn right into an area of gravel, where the road through Hystadmarkjo – the biggest alder forest in Northern Europe – starts. There are benches and a toilet here. You must push your bike along the roughly two-km long trail but it's worth it. At the end of Hystadmarkjo, you come to a large marina. Cycle along the marina and follow Sjoarvegen road back up to Hystadvegen road, where you turn right. After a total 7.3 km, you can take a detour to your left to Stord Golfpark. There is a good gravel road around the golf course. When you have cycled 7.7 km, you come to a sign for Rommetveit. Turn right past Samhaldet and cycle up a narrow, local road (Krokane) where you cycle through a small area of idyllic cultural landscape. After cycling 0.8 km, you come down onto Klingenbergvegen road. If you turn right, you come to Breidvik, a small beach with a wharf, tables and benches. Cycle back up Klingenbergvegen road, past HSH and onto Rommetveitvegen road. After cycling roughly 11 km, you come to the E39 road. You cross this road and cycle up Fjellgardsvegen road. After 4.8 km, you come to Sanaset. Just before the E39 road, you turn right down to a small area of gravel where you then follow a narrow gravel path along Ådlandsvatnet lake. After almost one km, you arrive at the beach by Ådlandsvatnet lake, which is a lovely spot for swimming, and where there are also tables and benches. When you have cycled 0.5 km, you come to an intersection under Ådlandsbrua bridge where you keep cycling straight ahead towards Krækjen Oppdrettsanlegg (fish farm) and up the hill to the left. You then come out onto Ådlandsvegen road, which you follow down again to Stord Church. Then follow Hystadvegen road to the right back to the centre of Leirvik.

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