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These islands are situated north of Ålesund and are called Nordøyane. A string of large and small islands that extend north from Ålesund towards the Romsdalsfjord. Some of these islands are connected to the mainland by bridges and tunnels, while others can only be reached by boat and ferry, like the little island of Ona or Sandøy. The coast of Sunnmøre has a rich fisheries and industrial history. Agriculture and shipbuilding are the biggest industries.

Brattvåg is the urban centre of the region, and is also where you get the ferry to the farthest flung islands. It also has a rich cultural life and its cultural centre hosts a range of events. Søvik is another hub, with an express boat connection to and from Ålesund. Hamnsundhellaren and Bjørnøya Kystbatteri battery (war relic) are nearby and make for great walks.

Nordøyvegen road

The people who have lived on these islands have always used the sea to get around, but the new Nordøyvegen road now links many of them to the mainland by bridges and tunnels, while others still use boat services to the other islands and to Ålesund.

About the islands

Lepsøya is the first island you come to after the Lepsøybrua bridge. There are some great walks in the area, including to the mountain Goaldet or to Rønstadhelllaren. When the weather is fine, a dip in the sea might be tempting on the lovely beach at Prestegarden.

Haramsøya island is ideal for cycling, both across the mountain and on its narrow road. There are great places to visit like Ulla Lighthouse, white sandy beaches and mountain hikes to Mannen and Rødhammaren.

Skuløy/Flemsøy, the island of many names, which is connected to Haramsøya by a bridge. A popular trip is a hike up the mountain Skulen and to the viewpoint Skulebua, with panoramic views across the islands and out to the ocean. White sandy beaches and fantastic cycling.

Harøya and Finnøya. Drive the new Nordøyvegen road from Ålesund to these beautiful islands.

Ona and Husøy – an old fishing village with a unique history. Find tranquillity, enjoy a picnic on the beach and stroll among the locals.

Sandøy island is slightly less well known than Ona, but has fantastic beaches and walking terrain. There’s no way you’ll run into any of your neighbours here!

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