We have passion for the ocean

The ocean has a magical way of capturing our attention and Fjord Norway’s coast is no exception. Experience our sandy beaches, go surfing, try kayaking among a myriad of islands and reefs or just be present in the moment. Meet welcoming locals, taste fantastic seafood and share our passion for the ocean!

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Share our passion for the ocean with us

Feel the salty air on your skin, take a deep breath and enjoy the uninterrupted view. Fjord Norway’s coast is unique – you simply have to experience it. Chef Ronny, yoga instructor Rutt-Lovise, guest house owner Line Nicolayasen and host Svein Inge have one thing in common: Their passion for the coast in Western Norway. Fantastic ingredients, local traditions and a landscape that can both take your breath away and give you peace of mind are just some of the things they highlight.

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