With a large selection of different activities and attractions, the Folgefonna glacier is an eldorado for both young and old.

Folgefonna, the third largest glacier in mainland Norway, is the very core of Folgefonna National Park. Ever since Hardanger became a tourist destination as early as the 19th century, the interest in the famous glacier has just gotten more prominent each year. It's easy to understand once you see it for yourself.

Whether you travel alone, with your family, your partner or a group of friends, you can participate in a selection of enjoyable experiences both on and around the glacier. How about exploring ice caves and thousands of years old ice on a glacier hike? The guided day trip is adapted to all different skill levels and is suitable for people between 7 and 80 years.

The glacier road from Jondal to the summit of Folgefonna is an experience in itself. The 19-kilometre-long road passes through a spectacular and raw landscape - shaped and formed by the glacier for several thousand years. With the beautiful view of the Hardangerfjord following you to the top and the scenery that you see along the road, it's easy to get distracted.

Once you reach the glacier, you will also find Fonna Glacier Ski Resort - a ski resort out of the ordinary. Here you can ski and snowboard - in the middle of summer - while enjoying the panoramic view of the glacier, the fjord and the North Sea - 1450 meters above sea level.

Suppose you do not want to ski but instead have something good to eat while enjoying the view of the glacier and the fjord. In that case, you must stop by Fonna1199 - the new glacier centre at Folgefonna. There you'll find a café with local produce, service facilities and souvenir sales.

Suppose you are the type who is more comfortable on water than on land. In that case, you should join Folgefonni Glacier Team on their Glacier Kayak adventure. This is truly a unique kayak trip on crystal clear glacier water where you can experience Folgefonna, the Blådalen valley and the glacier up close. Surrounded by mighty nature and floating icebergs, it is genuinely the scenery and not the paddling that takes your breath away.

And when talking about fun experiences. You cannot miss the National Park Farm at Buer. This has been a popular destination for as long as there have been tourists in Hardanger. As an ideal starting point for hikes to Buarbreen and Reinanuten, it is an excellent area among families. The children (and the adults) get to say hello to Scottish highland cattle, sheep, and chickens at the farm. Tables and benches have been set up around the area, making it an ideal picnic spot and a natural stop along the way.

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