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© Håkon Lundkvist Nordveggen
Day trips in Åndalsnes

Electric bike in Vengedalen and walk to Litlefjellet

This round trip will give you a calm "triathlon": by bike, on foot and finishing in the fjord! We recommend starting the trip by buying your lunch from Sødahlhuset before renting an electric bike at Åndalsnes camping. From the campsite, you can cycle towards Isfjorden and up to Vengedalen. From here, you go on foot to Litlefjellet mountain and will be rewarded with a fantastic view in the steep surroundings. You will be in good company, surrounded by the mighty peaks of Romsdalshorn, Venjetindane, and Blånebba! After returning to Åndalsnes camping, you can finish with a swim in Rauma. The trip takes approximately 4 hours.


Slightly active

4 hours


Lunch from Sødahlhuset

If you want, you can pack your bag with lunch from the charming Sødahlhuset. Here you are offered colourful salads, good coffee, and buttered pastries – among others – from local and organic producers.

Open until 15:00
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© Eline Karlsdatter Fladseth

Bicycle trip to Litlefjellet mountain

At Åndalsnes camping, you can hire electric bikes that take you up the slopes to Litlefjellet mountain. Cycle from Isfjorden, up Venjesdalen and to Litlefjellet. The trip is a 20 km round trip by bicycle.

© Haakon Lundkvist / Nordveggen

Hike to Litlefjellet

It is not without reason that Arne Næss Sr. uttered the words "Never has man had so much for so little!" when he once stood on top of Litlefjellet mountain. Here, you will be rewarded with a stunning view from just a relatively short trip (20-30 min walk).


A refreshing finish

Leave the e-bikes and finish up with a swim in the crystal-clear Rauma River at Åndalnes camping.

© Leif Johnny Olestad