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© Matti Bernitz
Day trips in Åndalsnes

The best photo spots

Wherever you turn when you are in Rauma, you will find beautiful photo spots. Here is an overview of places that may give you good photos. Note that several of the suggested locations are not so easily accessible. For some, you will need a car, or you must walk some distance to get there.


Slightly active

5 hours


Trollveggen - The Troll Wall

It is not without reason that the Trollveggen, the Troll Wall, has been photographed so much – this majestic wall is Northern Europe's highest vertical rock wall! At the nearby visitor's centre, you will get a stunning view as well as offers from the cafe and souvenir shop.

© Haakon Lundkvist /

Litlefjellet mountain

Beautiful views after a relatively short hike! In the middle of the famous peaks Romsdalshorn, Venjetindane and Blånebba, overlooking Romsdalen valley with a view towards the Troll Wall, lies the mountain with the appropriate name Litlefjellet – the tiny mountain. Even if the trip may seem a bit steep, it is easily accessible compared to its neighbours!


Kylling bridge

The crossing of Kylling Bridge is the most famous of the stone bridge crossings of the train ride with Rauma railway. A beautiful spectacle, and eventually also an established film celebrity. Mission Impossible 7, starring Tom Cruise, has even "blown up" this attraction!

© Leif J. Olestad

Slettafossen waterfall

Upwards in Romsdalen valley, approaching the border of Innlandet county, you can experience the roar of Slettafossen waterfall.

© Heidi-Beate Sødahl

Rampestreken viewpoint

Halfway up to Mount Nesaksla, you will find the spectacular viewpoint Rampestreken. You can hardly visit Åndalsnes without taking a picture here.

© Matti Bernitz

Nesaksla (708 m.a.s.l.) mountain

You can be lifted by the Romsdal gondola, you can walk up the stairs and paths from the town centre, you can climb the Romsdalsstigen Via Ferrata, or you can trudge your way from Romsdalseggen. There are many ways to reach the top of Nesaksla!

© Sven-Erik Knoff

Trollstigen mountain pass

The mountain pass Trollstigen is perhaps Romsdalen's most famous destination. The winding road, together with the surrounding mountains, will give you a clear picture of the area's wild nature!

© Nordlandblog