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Day trips in Åndalsnes

Trollstigen mountain pass

Attention! The road up Trollstigen is closed until further notice due to the risk of rockslides. The mountain pass Trollstigen is perhaps Romsdalen valley's most famous destination. The iconic hairpin bends with the surrounding mountain peaks Bispen, Kongen (the King) and Dronninga (the Queen) have been featured in postcards, videos in social media, movies, and series over the years. You can experience Trollstigen in many ways!


Slightly active

3 hours


Trollstigen – Kløvstien (858 m.a.s.l.)

People were travelling between Romsdal and Sunnmøre long before the tourist buses and electric bicycles crawled along the hairpin bends. If you walk the Kløvstien path up from Isterdalen valley, you will have a sense of what people were up to in ancient times. The path is steep but absolutely manageable!

© Visit Nordvest/ Torunn Dyrkorn

E-bike tour with a guide up Trollstigen with Hotel Aak

Hotel Aak offers a guided day trip by electric bike starting and ending at their hotel, which is located near the E136. You will be accompanied by a guide who takes you up the 11 bends and close to the enchanted nature. Along your way, the guide will talk about local history, the mountains, and the road from Romsdal to Sunnmøre. You can also do this tour without a guide. The rental bikes come with pre-programmed GPS routes to help finding the way on your own.

© Håkon Lundkvist Nordveggen