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On Trollstigen national tourist road you will discover a spectacular cycling experience between steep peaks such as Kongen, Dronninga and Bispen. With its 11 hairpin curves, the road winds up the mountainside to the Trollstigen plateau, just as a skier would traverse to the top of a mountain. The view and the contrasts in nature are pure rawness. You get plenty of fresh air, physical activity and an experience close to nature.

Special considerations

Modern bicycles with a battery-powered auxiliary motor allow you to get extra strenght up the curvy road, and you can choose how much help you want to achieve from the el bike. The ride is therefor suitable for different physical levels.

Practical information

The el bike tour starts and ends at Hotel Aak.

Attendance at the reception at 8.45

Departure at 9.00.

Duration is 3-4 hours.

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Hotel Aak

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  • Hotel Aak
  • 6300 Åndalsnes
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