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Day trips in Kristiansund

An active day

Get an overview of the area from Kristiansund's town mountain, Kvernberget, and visit the climbing hall. Nearby is also Alti Futura, with various dining options.


Slightly active

5 hours


Hike to Kvernberget

The town mountain Kvernberget will give you views in all directions from 205 meters above sea level. Sherpa stairs have been built up to the top. This is an easy walk, and the stairs make the walk passable for most people.

© Visit Nordvest/Eline K. Fladseth

Try your hand at the climbing wall

Kristiansund Climbing Centre is an indoor climbing facility for climbing at all levels. You will find a 15-metre-high climbing wall with vertical and overhanging routes for advanced climbers. A large and varied bouldering area, separate children's area and a course wall with auto belay are also available.

Open until 22:00
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Selected places to eat at Alti Futura

After the stair walking and climbing, your stomach is probably rumbling. At Alti Futura, you will find different dining venues, and you can get everything from sushi at Sabrura to bakeries and cakes at Braud & Sirkus.

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