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Big Bite (subs, sandwiches and salads) A healthy and tasteful fastfood alternative, freshly made and always based on fresh ingredients. 

Braud og bollur (cafeteria, take-away) Delicious paistries and cakes, large selection of coffee and other drinks. Soft-ice and different ice creams.

Futura Bowling (cafeteria/restaurant) Pizza, pancakes, nuggets, chips, separate menu for children. Licenced to sell spirits. 

Sabrura Stick & Sushi (restaurant with sushi and Asian dishes, take-away) Sushi and Asian dishes of the highest quality to with affordable prices. Separate menu for children.

Smaka (cafeteria/restaurant, take-away) Tasteful lunch- and dinner dishes, snacks, freshly brewed coffee and fresh buns. Soft-ice and differen ice creams.

At the centre, you will also find the solarium Brun og Blid, and you can play bowling, watch a football match or play mini golf.

The center has good bus connections and the buses stop just outside the main entrance.

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  • Industriveien 17
  • 6517 Kristiansund N
986 42 000

Where is Alti Futura shopping centre?