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Day trips in Kristiansund

Experience the “Clipfish Town”

From olden times, Kristiansund was founded on clipfish! Experience the clipfish history at the Norwegian Clipfish Museum and see the famous sculpture Klippfiskkjerringa (the Clipfish woman). Finish up with a visit to one of the town's restaurants serving clipfish.



3 hours


The Norwegian Clipfish Museum

Klippfiskbrygga (the Clipfish Wharf) from 1749 has been converted into a museum. Inside, you can be guided through the wharf's unique and untouched interior and experience the special atmosphere and the smell of clipfish and salt from the walls. What is clipfish? Clipfish is an old preservation method for fish, where the fish is salted, dried, and pressed. It is a far more refined product than stockfish, which has been dried outside with no addition of salt. Today, the clipfish is preferably produced of cod, but haddock, ling, cusk, or saithe can also be used. The fish is split by cutting down the backbone's side and folding it out like a large triangle. It is then salted and laid in piles until the flesh becomes salty and firm. After this salt-ripening process, the fish is cleaned, dried, and pressed until ready.

Open until 16:00
Closed for the season
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© Roar Leite

Klippfiskkjerringa (the Clipfish woman)

One of the most popular and most photographed sculptures in Kristiansund is located down by the pier. The clipfish woman is a tribute to the many clipfish workers who contributed to the town's large export industry for 300 years.

© Synnøve Henden

Smia fish restaurant

At the fish restaurant Smia, you will find a rustic dining venue with an informal atmosphere. The restaurant has a reputation for serving delicious food based on local traditions. The menu offers various seafood dishes, especially clipfish. Here, you can have a taste of three different types of bacalao!

Open until 22:00
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© Smia Fiskerestaurant

Bryggekanten brasserie, restaurant, and bar

The restaurant house Bryggekanten is located at the wharf in Kristiansund town centre. Here, you can choose among various clipfish dishes, the local favourite fish and chips, and a wide selection of stone oven-baked pizzas, lunch dishes, main courses, and desserts. The restaurant has a focus on using local ingredients from quality suppliers.

Open until 23:00
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Boteco has a cosy atmosphere, with an interior displaying elements from Kristiansund's history. Enjoy Brazilian-inspired food and dishes like clipfish balls and oven-baked clipfish loins.

Open until 23:00
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