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© Oddgeir Visnes
Day trips in Kristiansund

Harbour sightseeing and the old town Innlandet

From Kirkelandet, you can go for a harbour sightseeing trip to Innlandet, or the local name Tahiti, with narrow streets and alleys surrounding the town's oldest buildings. You will find the 11-meter-high Bautaen memorial at the island's highest point. End your trip with a visit to restaurant Sørom, with a spectacular view over the sea towards the centre of Kristiansund and Averøy.


Slightly active

3 hours



Start your sightseeing trip by taking the boat Sundbåten from Kirkelandet to Innlandet. This charming boat is the town’s pride and trademark and is still widely used by locals and visitors to Kristiansund.

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© Fred Jonny Hammerø/Møre og Romsdal Fylke

Innlandet – Kristiansund’s old town

Innlandet is the smallest of the town's islands. The town's oldest preserved buildings surround Sundbåten’s port of call. This section was spared from the bombing during World War II. You will discover place names from the past, such as Hønebukta and Spanskesmuget. Feel the atmosphere and take a short walk between the charming old buildings.

© Terje Rakke

The memorial stone Bautaen

At the highest point of Innlandet (64 m.a.s.l.) rises the 11-metre-high memorial stone, Bautaen, flanked by cannons, cannonballs, and flagpoles. From here, you will get a great view over the harbour and to Kirkelandet and Nordlandet.

© Fred Johnny Hammerø

Restaurant Sørom

The restaurant Sørom is located in Thon Hotel Kristiansund, a converted wharf with a great location. The place has an à la carte menu and is especially lovely on summer evenings when you can sit outside and enjoy the evening sun with a view of the harbour.

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