Innlandet is the smallest of the town's islands or "lands" and has the best preserved houses from Old Kristiansund, as the city was bombed during the Secong World War. The Old Town is situated just by the pier of the Sundbåt.

In the 18th and 19th century, the klipfish adventure in Kristiansund contributed to further development and growth, and the buildings by the harbour grew to be the city's first centre. Narrow streets and alleys emerged between small and big boathouses and buildings. Hønebukta (Hen's bay) and Spanskesmuget (Spanish lane) are old names that still exist. In addition to the old customs station (1680-1744), the city's first hospital (1792-1877), first school - "Rovengården" (1836) - and the municipal office was also located on Innlandet.

Take the time to absorb the area's atmosphere and charm by walking through the old buildings on Tahiti. Yes, you read that right – this part of the town is actually called Tahiti. Maybe the atmosphere here was particularly warm and exotic during the age of sailing ships? The cultural cafe Dødeladen and the Tahiti wharf are the venues for the annual Tahiti festival, which might well be Norway's liveliest music festival. There are several pleasant restaurants and function rooms along the sea. Pay a visit to Arnulf Øverland's gallery in an old cooper workshop and enjoy a taste of culture as well as food on the trip.


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