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In summer the weather is at its mildest and most stable, and you can choose from a multitude of adventures, cultural experiences and sightseeing.

Weather and climate in the summer

During summer, the sun sets at a late hour, and around midsummer a powder-blue dusk is as dark as it gets. It is not unusual to have warm, wind still days with temperatures up to 25ºC, when locals and visitors cool off with a dip in the fjord or lakes. However, weather changes occur constantly and are affected by destination and yearly fluctuations. High-altitude mountain reaches like the Hardangervidda plateau can still get snow in the summer, and there is a chance of wet, cool period in lowland regions as well, so do stay updated on the weather forecast when making your travel plans.

Mt Molden in Luster|© Vegard Aasen/ VERI Media

The most magical time of year

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced adventurer, kayaking, hiking, biking, even skiing and glacier hiking is available for any level. The cities and most popular attractions such as Trolltunga, Geiranger and the Sognefjord attract many visitors, and unless you have a flexible travel plan, we recommend booking ahead for accommodation, activities and transport. However, during this time when the weather at its most stable, small-scale accommodations and activity operators are open for the season. This makes summer a great time to explore hidden gems and off-the-beaten-track destinations. Tiny islands in a vast sea, remote fjords and serene mountain areas might be just the escape you are looking for.

Klungnes in the Romsdalsfjord.|© Øyving Heen /

Fruit and culture

The summer sun not only brings out a range of bright colors, but also luscious tastes. The fertile soil and long, mild summer days make fjord valleys such as Valldal, Hardanger and Sognefjord ideal for farming fruit and berries. Cherries, raspberries and strawberries take extra time to ripen in the Nordic climate, slowly developing incredible sweetness. Lest we forget the other senses, a multitude of outdoor concerts and festivals centered around local food, music and culture take place in cities and remote villages during the summer months.

Norwegian strawberries are delicious! |© Påldtun frukt og bær

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