At the edge of the Trolltunga rock formation, there is almost nothing between you, the sky and Ringedalsvatnet lake below.

The scenery in Hardanger is magnificent, and hikers to Trolltunga will experience something very unique. From here, you can enjoy the dramatic fjord landscape and the view of the Folgefonna glacier. Feel your stomach do cartwheels as you stand, or perhaps sit, above the void. Because at the very edge of this vertical rock ledge called Trolltunga, it feels almost as if you’re floating between the sky and sea.

The unique rock formation of Trolltunga hangs 700 metres above Ringedalsvatnet lake in Skjeggedal and juts out at a right angle to the mountainside, 1,180 metres above sea level.

Experienced hikers can hike on their own to Trolltunga between the beginning of June to the end of September. Between October and May, you should only go with a guide. In winter, you can go on a guided skiing or snowshoe trip.

If you want to walk to Trolltunga, we recommend that you do so with an experienced guide. A guide will make sure that you will have a safe and memorable hike.

How do I get to Trolltunga?

You can use your own car or travel by bus to get to the starting point for the hike to Trolltunga. There are various options, and you will find more information about how to get there, parking and shuttle buses at

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