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The contrasts are significant in Hardanger, and Sørfjorden is no exception. The cider farms and orchards are close together - surrounded by hundreds of thousands of fruit trees, steep mountainsides and the Folgefonna glacier. The beautiful fjord arm in the Hardanger region is one of those places that is difficult to describe in words. This is an area you have to experience for yourself.

The distance between majestic nature and cultural experiences is short in Sørfjorden. In this part of the region, you will find several of Norway's most famous and spectacular hiking destinations. The renowned rock formation Trolltunga attracts tourists from all corners of the world. The same goes for Dronningstien, which has exploded in popularity in recent years. With the views that meet you throughout the trip, it's easy to understand why this is among Queen Sonja of Norway's favorite trips. The Husedalen valley is a slightly lesser-known alternative, but the hike is no less spectacular for that reason. In Husedalen, you come close to four beautiful waterfalls - which lie like pearls on a string up in the mountains towards Hardangervidda National Park.

But Sørfjorden is not just an eldorado for the active. It is also an eldorado for those interested in food and culture. In this part of the fjord, more specifically Tyssedal, the Norwegian hydropower adventure began. It was also in Sørfjorden that the monks settled down and began fruit growing several hundred years ago. The latter is an essential part of the region, and it can be safely stated that this is the fruit capital of Norway. Here is a unique climate that provides optimal conditions for growing apples of the highest quality. And when the raw materials can not be any better, everything is ready for world-class cider and juices. The local products can be bought directly from the many different farm shops and producers in Sørfjorden. A good tip is to combine sightseeing on the fjord with a cider safari. Then you get to experience the best of both worlds!

Sørfjorden is also fitting for the youngest. In "Mikkelparken", the children get to greet Mikkel, Mikkeline and their friends. The family park in Kinsarvik is perfect for children between 1-10 years, and there is no shortage of accommodation options with beautiful views nearby. The same applies to the mentioned Kraftmuseet and their Kraftlab. There, the youngest get to combine activity and learning through several exciting activities.

Once you are in Sørfjorden, we recommend experiencing the fjord itself. Feeling the wind blowing in your hair on a fast-paced RIB safari rarely disappoints. And if you are extra lucky, you can spot animals such as eagles, porpoises, and / or orcas. Or maybe you want to explore the fjord in more relaxed surroundings? Rent a kayak and glide peacefully past one fjord gem after another. You will not regret it!

Welcome to Hardanger and Sørfjorden!

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You can do the challenging, spectacular hike to Trolltunga when you visit the Hardanger region.

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