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All destinations have them - top attractions that you just have to experience to be able to say "I've been there". And Fjord Norway has many of them. Nature experiences, heritage sites and world-famous road trips. Here is some of the best Fjord Norway has to offer!

The Atlantic Road

The Norwegian Scenic Route Atlanterhavsvegen - the Atlantic Road, is with its seven bridges known as "the world's most beautiful road", and has been the star in several car commercials. The road connects nature, architecture and modern engineering in a very special way, which creates a unique driving experience.

Bryggen in Bergen

Bryggen in Bergen is on the UNESCO's list of World Heritage, and going for a walk through the narrow streets and dark alleys is like going back in time to when Hansa (the German Guild of Merchants) dominated this part of Bergen. Bryggen is an almost mandatory attraction to visit when you are in Bergen.

The Flåm Railway

The world's most beautiful train ride? The Flåm Railway takes you from high mountains at Myrdal station, and down to the very bottom of the Aurlandsfjord and Flåm station, through magnificent scenery. You can also combine the Flåm Railway and a bike ride down the valley!

The Geirangerfjord

The iconic Geirangerfjord is considered one of the most beautiful fjords in the world, and is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list together with the Nærøyfjord.

The Geirangerfjord is one of Norway’s most popular natural attractions. The fjord is known for its spectacular waterfalls and deserted fjord farms high up on the steep cliffsides. The idyllic nature and the dramatic mountains will impress any visitor in the area.

The fantastic Geirangerfjord - on the UNESCO World Heritage list.|© Paul Edmundson

The Jostedalsbreen and Briksdalsbreen glaciers

Jostedalsbreen is the largest glacier in mainland Europe. One of the branches is Briksdalsbreen, drops 1200 meters into the narrow Briksdal valley below. It is a spectacular sight attracting visitors from all over the world.

Briksdalsbreen, a branch of the Jostedalsbreen glacier.|© Mattias Fredriksson

The Art Nouveau Town of Ålesund

Beautiful Ålesund is one of a kind. The town has one of the world’s most concentrated collections of Art Nouveau architecture. Look up while you explore the town and you will discover the many and varied expressions of Art Nouveau.

Ålesund has been named Norway's most beautiful city - it's easy to understand why! |© Fjord Norway

Loen Skylift

Loen Skylift in Nordfjord is the world's steepest aerial ropeway, and provide breathtaking panoramic views over the fjord landscape.

From the fjord to the top in 5 min! |© Lars Korvald

Preikestolen - the Pulpit Rock

Rated as one of the world’s natural wonders, and the most breathtaking viewing platform, Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) is a must-see attraction for visitors to Norway.

Take the express bus from Stavanger to Preikestolen parking (day trip)


Romsdalseggen is Norway’s most beautiful hiking trip with a spectacular view of the mountains of Romsdalen - amongst others, Trollveggen - the Troll's wall.

The view is simply spectacular!|© Øyvind Heen/

The Sognefjord and the Nærøyfjord

The Sognefjord – Norway's longest and most fascinating fjord. The Nærøyfjord, one of the arms of the Sognefjord, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as is the Geirangerfjord.


Trollstigen is one of Norway’s most visited tourist road. Norwegian Scenic Route Geiranger-Trollstigen is situated between Åndalsnes and Valldal, and Trollstigen, this masterpiece in engineering, is definitely a highlight on this stretch of road.

Trollstigen - masterpiece in engineering.|© Jarle Wæhler / Statens vegvesen


The nature in Hardanger is powerful, and those who take on the hiking trip to Trolltunga will definitely experience something quite unique and challenging. From the very top you can indulge in the dramatic fjord landscape and enjoy the view towards the glacier Folgefonna.

The Vikings

Fjord Norway has a rich heritage, and there are many visible traces of the Vikings. You can both meet "real" Vikings and learn more about Viking history in the region.

The Vøringsfossen waterfall

The Vøringsfossen Waterfall has a free fall of 145 metres and a total fall of 182 metres, and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway.
To witness the huge volumes of water from the Hardangervidda plateau drop to the valley of Måbødalen below is an impressive sight in natural and idyllic surroundings.

Join a guided sightseeing trip to Vøringsfossen!

Vøringsfossen waterfall - a sight for sore eyes!|© Kjetil Rolseth / Rolseth Foto / Statens vegvesen

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