Bryggen is a must-see attraction when you visit Bergen. Bryggen is today a part of UNESCO's World Heritage List and Bergen is a UNESCO World Heritage City.

The very first buildings in Bergen were erected by the harbour, and this area has for centuries been a lively and central part of the city.

How old is Bryggen in Bergen?

Bryggen has been devastated several times by fire, and in 1702 the whole city was reduced to ashes. Quickly rebuilt on the foundations that had been there since the 11th century, Bryggen has been able to remain the same, and is today one of the most well known city areas from the Middle Ages in Norway.

The wooden buildings are constructed in close proximity to each other and share joint common backyards that date from the 1400 – 1500's. Today this area is a living historical part of Bergen and Bryggen with 61 preserved, protected buildings and several museums to view. Read more about the Hanseatic League and Bryggen in Bergen.

Bryggens Museum

At Bryggen, there are several museums where you can learn more about Bryggen and the Hanseatic merchants, life in the Middle Ages and war history: Bryggen Museum (Bergen City Museum) shows us what life was like in medieval Bergen. The Hanseatic Museum shows us what life was like for the German merchants from the Hanseatic League, while Theta Museum gives us insight into the history of the resistance movement in Norway during the second world war. Read more about the museums at Bryggen.

Hotels and the best restaurants at Bryggen in Bergen

For those wanting to stay and dine in the heart of this historic part of the city, there are a number of hotels and places to eat. Both the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel and the Hanseatic Hotel can be found at Bryggen. The restaurant Bryggen Tracteursted is situated at the centre of Bryggen, and there are a number of cafes and places to eat at and around Bryggen.

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Bryggen wharf is in Bergen, the capital of Fjord Norway. Read more about what you can experience here!

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Read more about the how the Hanseatic League put Bergen on the map, and how you can best experience this UNESCO attraction.

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