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Arven's gold and silver factory is the place to buy Norwegian design. Our jewellery, pieces of interior design and silver cutlery are hand-made and manufactured on the premises.

You can watch our goldsmiths and silversmiths at work through a 40 metre long glass wall in our shop. A visit here is a real experience.

Arven's production facilities have been based in Bergen city centre for 150 years, and we are now in an historic setting, behind Bryggen, between St Mary's Church and Bergenhus Fortress. 

Our huge and powerful press machines stamp out new treasures here every day. The whole shop actually rumbles and shakes when the machinery is operating. You can watch the production process at close quarters, and see how our silversmiths and goldsmiths work with jewellery, pieces of interior design and silver cutlery. Arven is now a modern and innovative factory. As well as our classics, we are continuously developing exciting products through new design partnerships. Andreas Engesvik, Lars Beller Fjetland and Lars Tornøe are Norwegian designers with whom Arven is proud to be working. The Liv candlestick and Monstera salad servers are excellent examples of what you can achieve by working with talented specialists to combine modern design with craftsmanship and technique.

Arven has also been working with the world-famous star Kygo on some exciting pieces. We share with him an unwavering belief in craftsmanship and quality, and a passion for heritage and roots. When the king of tropical house wanted to create a piece of jewellery, what else could it be but a palm tree? It was an obvious choice for the lad from Bergen to put his design into the experienced and dedicated hands of Arven. 

Arven can prepare and polish flat, curved, and round pieces in different metals, such as silver, brass, copper, and stainless steel among others. Skilled goldsmiths can make all sorts of repairs to old and sterling silver jewellery – from resizing a ring, repair a broken necklace, or refasten a loose jewel, just to name a few. They also rhodanise white gold so that it gleams again.

If you have gold or silver that is broken, outdated and you don't want to use it, Arven can offer to buy it from you, and you can enjoy a little extra money or buy something new from Arven's wide product range. Arven buys all silver and gold by weight and guarantees competitive prices.

If you want to buy Norwegian design and treat yourself to a genuine experience, you should pop in and see us. All the staff at Arven will be delighted to welcome you to Sandbrogaten 11 - Bergen.

You can also buy our products at major jewellers all over the country and on our online shop. We deliver anywhere in the world.

Source: Visit Bergen
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  • Sandbrogaten 11
  • 5003 Bergen
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