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The Vøringsfossen Waterfall has a free fall of 145 metres and a total fall of 182 metres, and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway - and probably the most famous waterfall in the country.

The facilities around Vøringfossen, which is one of the attractions along the Norwegian Scenic Route Hardangervidda, have been improved in recent years. In August 2020, the latest addition to the attraction were opened: a spectacular bridge over the falls! The bridge has a span of 47 meters and has 99 steps. The bridge, together with paths and viewpoints, is the second construction stage in the development of the facilities around Vøringsfossen. The first was ready in 2018 and includes viewing platforms, paths, a fence, parking and a service building below Fossli hotel.


It's also possible to see the waterfall from the bottom of the valley. Måbødalen is a narrow, steep and beautiful valley that stretches from Eidfjord up to the Hardangervidda. In former times, there were several roads through Måbødalen, and in the 1780s, 1300 stone steps were built to facilitate the journey.

The road from Måbødalen up to Fossli was completed in 1916, and the old road can still be experienced on foot or by bicycle. Today, the road through Måbødalen goes through several tunnels, and has many beautiful viewpoints where you can stop and take pictures. From the main road it takes 30 minutes to walk to Vøringsfossen.

Sightseeing trips to Vøringsfossen

Two of the tours from Fjord Tours includes a sightseeing trip to Vøringsfossen waterfall and Hardangervidda Nature centre. Read more about these tours here.

You may also join one of Go Fjords' tours from Bergen, Norheimsund or Eidfjord. Take a fjord cruise and discover the beautiful Vøringsfossen waterfall on the tour "Hardangerfjord Cruise & Vøringsfossen Waterfall". Another option is the "Vøringsfossen Sightseeing Tour" bus tour from Eidfjord.

Norway’s most inaccessible farm?

Kjeåsen is said to be Norway’s most inaccessible farm and is known from several books and TV productions. The farm is inhabited only in the summer months, and lies like an eagle's nest on a mountain ledge 600 metres above the Simadalsfjord.

It is possible to go by car to the farm, however please note that the road is narrow and there are regulations on when you can drive. Driving times up to the farm is restricted to every hour on the hour, and descending from the farm on the half hour.

You can also walk to the mountain farm on a hike that starts in Simadal (parking by Sima Power Plant). From this point take a left towards the fjord to Kjeaneset. The trail forks off to the right and winds steeply up the mountainside. Ropes, logs and ladders are necessary aids along the way, and please use them to marvel at the stunning views along the trail.

How to get here by car

Vøringfossen is situated along the Norwegian Scenic Route Hardangervidda, south of Bergen and next to the beautiful Hardangerfjord.

From Eidfjord, take the road marked RV7 towards Geilo (20 minutes drive). At Fossli Hotel and Vøringfoss cafeteria & souvenirs you will find many nice viewpoints overlooking the Vøringfossen waterfall.

In the area of Måbødalen between the high mountain and Eidfjord, you will find Norwegian Nature Center - Hardanger, and several nice places to stop for a picnic or photography along the road.

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In the land of waterfalls

Vøringsfossen is one of many lovely waterfalls in Fjord Norway. Read more about where you can experience impressive waterfalls!

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