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What’s so special about Fjord Norway is that nature is extremely accessible no matter where you are – even in the cities – and many of the walks and hikes promise spectacular views of the fjords. There are a myriad of walking and hiking routes, which can be a bit difficult to find, but we’ve made it simpler for you! Below is everything you need to know to find the best mountain hikes and hiking trails in Fjord Norway, as well as advice to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

If you’re not a seasoned hiker, we recommend you read our packing list and about safety first in the mountains. Take a look at our list of low-threshold walks and hikes below, such as to day-trip cabins, as well as trips that are close to towns and cities.

Rosendal og Melderskin|© Espen Haagensen

The best mountain hikes in Norway - most popular mountains

If you like a few tips about the hikes worthy of your bucket list when visiting Fjord Norway, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are the best and most popular mountain hikes in Fjord Norway.

Take the steps to the top: Sherpa steps in Norway

Nepalese Sherpas have been constructing natural stairways up mountainsides in Norway since 2005. The Sherpa steps make it easy to reach the top, and they also prevent wear and tear to the surrounding landscape. Guide to the best Sherpa steps.

Packing list for mountain hikes

…and everything else you need to know for safe and enjoyable hiking in Fjord Norway. Read our recommended packing list for mountain hikes in Norway.

Read about the grading of hikes to find a hike that suits your level of experience.

Learn the Norwegian mountain code! The mountain code is a set of nine ‘rules’ that will help you stay safe in the mountains.

På Dronningstien i Hardanger|© Visit Hardangerfjord/Simon Sjøkvist

Combine city life with nature!

What’s so special about Fjord Norway is that nature is extremely accessible - even from a city centre like Bergen. Would you like to combine city life with nature? Here is an overview of easy walks and hikes that are close to towns and cities in Fjord Norway.

Walks and hikes with children in Fjord Norway

When embarking on a walk or hike with children, the most important thing to remember is that reaching the top is not important. Adapt the route, its pace and your ambitions to the youngest member of the group. That way, everyone can enjoy a fabulous experience! Read more about walks and hikes for younger and older children.

Kanskje treffer dere på et troll på veien?|© Visit Ryfylke

Day-trip cabins: popular destinations in Fjord Norway!

The routes to the various day-trip cabins in Fjord Norway are all fairly easy. The cabins, which are universally designed, are wonderful destinations that often have a stove, a library, and are great places to enjoy your packed lunch. Read more about walks to day-trip cabins.

Glacier walks in Norway

Enter a whole new world! Glaciers look amazing from a distance, but experiencing them up close is like entering a fairytale world of ever-changing sculptures. Glacier walks are also an excellent family activity – take the whole family on a guided tour! Read more about guided glacier walks.

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