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The Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord is the place to be for excellent holiday adventures. The combination of glaciers and mountains, fjords, coastline and waterfalls promises utterly unique experiences in nature.

Valleys wind their way inland, upwards, along, hither and thither. There are amazing small and large lakes with the best trout, as well as fantastic rivers and waterfalls.

The bluest glaciers and the finest mountains can be found in the Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord.
© Lillian Herland

There are mountainsides and ridges of all gradients and in every direction, which make it a wonderful place to walk or run in the summertime.

The Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord from the seat of a bike

Cycling in the Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord offers many amazing experiences. Take in the idyllic and varied landscape of Fjord Norway from the seat of your bike. in just a few kilometres, you can cycle from fjords to mountains, from woods to open fields, past lakes and out to the coast.

The routes are mostly on quiet roads with little traffic, allowing you to cycle in peace and tranquillity. Find inspiration for your next cycling holiday.

A paradise for walkers and hikers

The Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord boasts one of the finest coastal and fjord landscapes in the world, and the mountains offer an array of hiking experiences for those who enjoy exploring on foot. There’s a wide range of walks and hikes of different lengths and gradients, so you’re bound to find one that’s right for you.

Explore a nature trail with family and friends, or take on one of the more challenging mountain hikes. There are a number of spectacular waterfalls in Sunnfjord. How about going on a waterfall walk?

Spectacular mountain peaks rise straight up from the sea along the coast. Walk the North Sea Trail or climb one of the highest mountain peaks in the region, such as Alden – known as 'the Norwegian horse' – or the majestic Lihesten mountain.

The beautiful Jølstravatnet lake is surrounded by majestic mountains and offers a number of great areas for hiking. The village of Skei in Jølster, for example, is surrounded by the mountains Kleivafjellet, Håheimsfjellet, Nyken, Orkja and Bolsetnipa, which make for excellent hiking.

If you would rather do a walk closer to a town, excellent alternatives are from Førde to Hafstadfjellet mountain, from Florø to Brandsøyåsen, or from Måløy to Veten, where you will find excellent trails, although they are somewhat steep in places. You can also hike to Sandfjellet mountain from Førde and Naustdal.

Rock climbing in Nikolai Astrup country

It's probably no coincidence that one of Norway's greatest artists comes from Sunnfjord.

Astruptunet, home of the painter, drawer and graphic artist Nikolai Astrup (1880–1928), is beautifully situated on the south side of Jølstravatnet lake. Living in such a beautiful place, it’s easy to see where his inspiration came from.

Perhaps the artist could already see the potential for a climbing route in 1906 in his famous painting Kollen. That’s at least something to contemplate as you climb up the route called Astrupegga – Astrup ridge.

The hike starts at Kjøsnes, at the outermost part of the majestic Kjøsnesfjord, and the view quickly opens up towards Jølstravatnet lake.

The climb itself comprises seven pitches, covers a total of 280 metres, and the hardest point is rated 4- on a scale of 1 to 9. Most of the climbing is easy and this climb is all about mastering the mountain and experiencing the breathtaking scenery.

However, the real reward awaits you at the top, where you get to see one of the most magnificent views in Jølster.

Glacier walk on Haugabreen glacier

Would you like to experience something truly special? Then spend a day on glistening ice crystals!

Haugabreen is an easily accessible glacier arm in Jostedalsbreen National Park. You can also see the Jostedalsbreen glacier – the largest glacier on the European mainland – from the E39 road along the Kjøsnesfjord.

To get to Haugabreen glacier, you drive through a fantastic landscape to Stardalen in Jølster, where you meet an experienced guide who’s ready to take you on a safe glacier walk. On the way to the glacier, you will get an insight into the glacier’s history and the role it’s played in forming the landscape. At the foot of the glacier, it’s time to get put on helmets, crampons, ice axes and rope before the walk begins.

© Bre og Fjell AS

Try your luck at fishing

The Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord is a paradise for sport and fishing enthusiasts. You can fish in the sea, rivers and lakes.

Surrounded by the open sea and fjords, in Norway’s most beautiful archipelago, the conditions for deep-sea fishing are perfect throughout the year. Cabins, traditional fisherman-style rorbu and boathouses are excellent accommodation options for fishing holidays. These are situated on the seafront and have access to boats and facilities for preparing and storing the day’s catch. Sea fishing with rods and hand lines is free for everyone, and you can catch most saltwater fish species that can be found in Norway.

The Flekke og Guddalsvassdraget watercourse in Fjaler, which extends about 30 km from the Flekkefjord to the mountain in Guddal, has an good population of salmon and sea trout.

One of Europe’s best fishing lakes

Jølstravatnet lake is one of Norway's best fishing lakes, and it’s possible to fish with a rod here all year round. Trout fishers would have to search far and wide to find fish that are this eager to bite! Remember to buy a fishing permit to fish in rivers and lakes! Fishing permits can be purchased from tourism outlets, shops and petrol stations.

Jølvassbu Camping is situated next to the river Jølstra and is an ideal starting point for fishing enthusiasts.

© Lillian Herland

See the digital fishing map with around 80 of the best fishing spots in Jølster


Nausta river, which flows into the Førdefjord, is known for being one of Norway's best salmon rivers and finest watercourses. There’s a 12-kilometre section where salmon can be caught. The river flows through an agricultural landscape and is surrounded by varied and beautiful countryside. It is a typical flood river, so the water level can rapidly change significantly.

The Nausta river is known for offering great single-handed fly fishing, and there are many good, varied fishing spots all over the river.

Nausta er kjent som ei av landets beste lakseelvar og har utløpet sitt i Førdefjorden|© Visit FjordKysten

When the road is the destination

When the road itself is the destination, then the road over Gaularfjellet mountain is an absolute must. The road runs along the fjord, winds its way up mountains and gets showered by roaring waterfalls.

© Lillian Herland

It runs along an arm of the Sognefjord – the world's longest fjord – before winding its way up the steep sides of the valley and into the mountains. The road continues along the protected Gaularvassdraget watercourse, which is known for its many waterfalls, but which also has sections of rapids and tranquil mountain lakes.

A special waterfall path has been made along parts of the watercourse, giving visitors access to the sections most worth seeing.

The waterfall path follows old routes trod by animals and humans. There are a total of fourteen large waterfalls and seven lakes on this stretch.

Gaularfjellet is a well-kept secret, but those who’ve discovered this road realise how special it is.

An historic look back in time

History is important. It tells us how individuals, communities, and nations have lived, and how that affects the way we live today.

The Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord has a range of historic attractions, from the Gulating parliament and court in Gulen, one of the oldest and largest legislative assemblies in the Nordic countries in the Middle Ages, to the living industrial history of Helle Fabrikker in Holmedal. As well as fascinating historic attractions, there are beautiful landscapes, with fjords, mountains and a coastline where the islands lie like pearls on a string. A whole range of historic experiences await you!

Sleep well in the Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord

In the Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord you can stay in accommodation ranging from modern hotels to comfortable cabins, spectacular venues to campsites, or even stay on an historical farm. Search for accommodation in the Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord here.

Welcome to the beautiful Fjord Coast & Sunnfjord