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Finnesand is one of the best starting points for kayak trips, whether you wish a calm excursion in smooth waters or you would like to test your strength against the powers of the roaring ocean. Frilager has therefore chosen this destination as one of their bases for kayak rental.  The area is heavily exposed to rough weather and wind, it is therefore important to be prepared before you embark on a kayak trip. Remember - the waters may be calm when inside the bay, yet very rough and dangerous as soon as you arrive outside the bay. From Utstein Kloster Hotell and onwards, there is a quiet area through the canal between Klosterøy and Mosterøy, and a calm sea basin soutwards and westwards through the Fjøløysund strait passing Utstein Kloster (Utstein Monastery). The grounds are shallow with rich bird life and view to the historical monastery and a stunning cultural landscape. Are you a beginner to kayaking, you should stay within this area, there is more than enough here to explore and have a nice day out at sea.  As soon as you arrive at the mouth of the strait, you find yourself at sea, the big, open sea. Northern and western wind especially can be rough. Nonetheless, you could manage to sneak around southwards, sheltered by the outer reefs, and through narrow canals out to the sea. However, if you find yourself on the outside of the reefs, the conditions will be extreme, and to get around the island of Fjøløy, to Fjøløy lighthouse or fort, there are some open passages to pass. Even though the waters are calm in the morning, be aware of land and sea breeze that could be quite tough. Please evaluate the conditions and your own skills before going out here, because as soon as it's done, it's hard to turn back. On the southside of Fjøløy island, there is also an area with heavy streams and waves. If you decide to cross the Mastrafjord to Reianes, you have lovely areas with nice coastal shores, however this area could also be exposed to heavy wind and weather coming from north and west. 


  •, Finnasandveien 70/ Sjøhus på Finnesand
  • 4156 MOSTERØY
475 17 450

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