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Angvik Gamle Handelssted is a small hotel gem by the Tingvollfjord on Nordmøre. The hotel offers a perfect balance between exclusivity and a casual homely atmosphere.

Rooting back to the 16th century

Angvik Gamle Handelssted has roots dating back to the 16th century when Dutch sailing ships anchored in the bay to buy timber. They started a tradition of taking care of the travellers. At the end of the 19th century, this included steamship quays, trade, and barrel production. Eventually, the place became a hub for transportation.

Fjord hotel with local traditions

Angvik Gamle Handelssted is run as a course and conference hotel, as well as being a popular place for small groups. The hotel has 37 rooms and is located by the fjord. The buildings have a classic style, with great emphasis on preserving history and local traditions.

Dining in Bøkkerstua

In this place you will experience unique local food - all based on fresh, seasonal produce. A new 5-course menu is composed by the chef every day. Norwegian food is a foundation in every food experience, though with elements of international trends and techniques. Immerse yourself in a unique, memorable dining experience – in a place rooting back to the 16th century.

  • Lunch and dinner must be booked in advance
  • Dinner is served at 19:30

Spa, museum and atmosphere

The guests at Angvik Gamle Handelssted are mainly groups seeking peace, quiet and the good atmosphere. Enjoy facilities as the Badehuset spa, which offers a heated bath, or the Turkish steam bath as well as various types of treatment. In the museum Handelshuset Angvik, located in the old "Gustavbua", there is cultural history dating back to the Dutch era in the 16th century.

Angvik Gamle Handelssted is a member of the hotel chain Classic Norway Hotels. In addition, the hotel was, as the first in Scandinavia, admitted as a member of the prestigious European chain Romantik Hotels in 2022.

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NOK 2,632


  • Kjøpmannsgata 27
  • 6636 Angvik
+47 712 91 300


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