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The cabin is located by Langavatnet in the Frafjordheiane landscape conservation area, with a splendid view down the valley towards Rundavatnet. One of the old travel routes from Sirdal-Hunnedalen followed this valley to Lysebotn. From the cabin, it is relatively easy to ascend to the high mountain plateaus on both sides of the valley. A popular day trip from Langavatn is to hike out to the Kjerag plateau (3 hours each way).

Canadian brook trout have been released in the area. Membership cards in STF (Norwegian Trekking Association) serve as fishing permits for Langavatn, Tjodan, and Akslaråtjørn. Others must purchase fishing permits.

The cabin is equipped with everything you need for cooking and staying: kitchen utensils, tableware, bed linens, and provisions. There is no electricity, but gas, firewood, and candles are available. Guests are responsible for their own cooking, fetching water, washing dishes, cleaning the floors, and tidying up the cabin inside and outside. A sleeping bag liner or personal bed linens must be used on the beds.

Where is Langavatn Tourist Hut, close to Kjerag?