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500 million years ago, a meteorite crash-landed, creating a 2.7-kilometer-wide crater. The trail from Kleivaland to Melands Grønahei passes through the crater. Such a trail is a rarity and cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. In more recent times, the crater has been named Ritlandskrateret.

The cabin at Melands Grønahei is centrally located in the Vormedalsheia landscape protection area. The name Melands Grønahei comes from the vibrant green phyllite formations surrounding the cabin. In this unique natural area, you'll find rare occurrences of plants, rocks, animals, and birds. Between the entrance door and the water, there's a particularly abundant occurrence of basal conglomerate, which is 600 million years old, transformed sand and gravel. Fjellsenden (1101 meters above sea level) is the highest peak in the area and an excellent hiking destination from the cabin. The cabin is self-serviced with a food store and offers 22 sleeping places.


  • Stavanger Turistforening
+47 51 84 02 00

Where is Melands Grønahei in Hjelmelandheiene?