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In harmony with nature
Melkevoll Bretun is built in harmony with nature. You will find small and large terraces for tents and motorhomes, where you can find your own private area between stones and trees. Many give feedback that the way Melkevoll camp site is built and designed is an experience in itself! There is a lot of creative work behind the paths in the stone avalanche area, the vantage point, and not least the Stone Age cave that is found in the middle of the area. The campsite also has "Utelada", - inspired by the old building style for semi-outdoor living areas, with large dining tables, kitchen and barbecue areas. Here you can enjoy a good meal around the bonfire.
The reception is open daily throughout the main season, and has a small shop and café overlooking the river and glacier. Here we serve coffee, cakes and waffles and other things, and we have warm bread and rolls ready for those who wish in the mornings.

Mountain hikes
Melkevoll Bretun is the starting point for many beautiful mountain hikes. Here you will find trips for the experienced hikers, and also easier trips for those who seeks that, or those who wish to go with the whole family. Of the family-friendly hikes, we recommend Sætremarka close to the campsite, Briksdal glacier and Brenndal glacier.
With a starting point from Melkevoll you can go to Oldeskaret and Kattanakken. From Oldeskaret you can continue to Blåfjellet, or all the way to Stardalen if you have someone to pick up on the other side.

Otherwise, Oldedalen has many beautiful farms and mountain hikes close by, more information can be found on our website, or contact the reception when you are here for more info.

Nature trail, bouldering, climbing and yoga classes
At Melkevoll Bretun we have many different activities; Here is a large boulder field for climbers, as well as several yoga classes a week throughout the main season, in the beautiful Blue Mountain Hall. In the evening, the sauna is hot for all our guests, and maybe it is tempting with a dip in the natural pool with glacial water outside?
Around Bretunet you will find a culture and nature trail on nice paths and roads, with a viewpoint towards both lake Oldevatnet and Briksdal glacier. With Melkevoll Bretun as a base, you can also experience many exciting excursions.

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Stone Age Cave - accommodation and dining
In the middle of the stone avalanche area on Melkevoll Bretun there is a stone cave we call the Stone Age Cave. Here you can spend the night sleeping on reindeer furs and gathering around a big bonfire. Many also rent the cave for team building trips, birthday celebrations and for other occations, often in combination with food catering.

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Blue Mountain Hall - yoga and retreats
Melkevoll Bretun is also the base for Blåfjellshallen and Blue Mountain Yoga. Here there are yoga classes several times a week throughout the main season, as well as open access in the mornings for those who wish to practice yoga themselves. So you can have your own retreat in nature, or participate in one of the arranged gatherings with yoga, healthy food and experienced instructors.

In addition to course activities, Blue Mountain Hall is used as a venue for various types of celebrations, choir gatherings, concerts and more.
The Blue Mountain Hall has a special design, built around a huge rock in the avalanche area, with a glass roof with views of the big waterfall, the mountains and a glacier.

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Excursions in the area
In addition to trips to Briksdal and Brenndal glacier, and other nearby mountain trips, Melkevoll Bretun is for many a base for several other excursions. In Oldedalen you can enjoy good traditional food at Aabrekk farm, preferably after a trip to Brenndal. In addition, it is a few minutes away from Oldevatnet, with café and a chance to paddle canoe at Yri.
From Melkevoll Bretun it is 20 minutes to drive to Olden, 25 minutes to Loen and Loen Skylift -
a little more to Lodalen and the starting point to Skålatårnet. We are located 40 minutes from the center of Stryn. It is also possible to take longer day trips to both the coast, Geiranger, Oppstryn, Strynefjellet and others from Melkevoll Bretun.

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