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Nilsebu is located right by the regulated Nilsebuvatnet and at the outlet of Gråfollånå. The area is rich in fish, and if you follow the marked trail into Storådalen towards Eidavatn, the chances of catching a big haul are good. STF membership cards are valid as fishing permits, while others need to purchase fishing permits.

In 2021, Nilsebu underwent a complete renovation and will reopen with a new look in spring 2022. This is definitely the place to visit after the reopening! To get to Nilsebu, you must first walk or cycle on the construction road from Lysebotn to Nilsebuvatnet, as this road is closed with a barrier. From Nilsebuvatnet, it's a two-hour hike to the cabin. Otherwise, the cabin is centrally located in Lyseheiene, with marked trails to Grautheller, Litle Aurådal, Eidavatn, Grasdalen, and Stakken.


  • Stavanger Turistforening
+47 51 84 02 00

Where is Nilsebu in Hjelmeland?